Monday 13 August 2012

Arrest anti-DAP cleric, urges Islamic lecturer

An Islamic lecturer with International Islamic University Malaysia has demanded that the authorities immediately arrest and investigate a controversial cleric who claims that it is haram (forbidden) for Muslims to support the DAP.

Dr Maszlee Malik (1)Maszlee Malik, who is also a frequent moderator for public forums, said the statement of Abdullah Sa'amah, the founder of traditional grassroots learning centre Pondok Geting in Tumpat, Kelantan, contained extremist elements.

"I urge the security force to immediately arrest Abdullah and investigate his statement that smells of extremism that could stoke racial tensions which will spur terrorists to launch a jihad (holy war) against DAP members in the name of Islam," he said in a statement issued yesterday.

Malay daily Utusan Malaysia had front-paged Abdullah's statement last Wednesday which described DAP as kafir harbi.

Mazlee said the word kafir harbi is used during war time to refer to states which are in at war with Islamic states. Hence it is legal for Muslims to kill kafir harbi, who are trying to kill Muslims.

"Abdullah's classification that DAP is kafir harbi is completely wrong and dangerous. He is giving the green light for Muslims to fight DAP and kill its members and leaders," he said.

He urged National Fatwa Council to reprimand both Abdullah and Utusan Malaysia for raising provocation.

"The media, especially Utusan Malaysia, should be more sensitive with their reports. They should not become agents to create chaos and racial tension, but agents for harmony and racial unity," he added.

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