Monday 20 August 2012

An open letter to Tunku - CT Ali

Reform-minded CT Ali hopes that former DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz stays away from the game of political hypocrisy and deception.

I can write about the magnificent par excellence monuments of KLCC, KLIA and Putrajaya that Malaysia has on display for the entire world to see and ignore the massive debts our nation incurred to put up this monstrosity to perpetuate Mahathir’s legacy to this once great nation of ours.

Ignore the hideous and insane profiteering by Umno politicians, their families and their cronies in the building of these monstrosities.

Ignore the dire need for decent housing of our poor, the deplorable lack of proper medical care for the needy, the impossibly high cost of travel on the toll highways and the many other needs of our nations which the costs of building these monuments have deprived us of.

And in the same manner I can go on bashing and whacking Anwar Ibrahim until, like what that contemptible ex-IGP Rahim Nor did to him while he was defenceless, Anwar is left senseless and critically wounded.
Anyone who writes can do this and tell you that the reason he is doing so is in the name of justice, fair play and telling the truth.
No Tunku Abdul Aziz, on whatever level you choose to put yourself on, I fear that what you are doing in calling Anwar the Don Quixote of Malaysian politics is purely for personal gain –for vested interest –your own!

You quote from earlier writings to impress upon us that you have not changed in your thinking on Anwar. Then pray tell me, why did you endure your time in DAP when Anwar is head of Pakatan Rakyat?

Your lack of decorum in mentioning about the goings on in the course of a DAP central executive committee meeting where you said a very senior DAP colleague said of Anwar  “Ah, well, you know….”.

Surely a man of honour, integrity and principal would not divulge such comments made not for public consumption?  Or are you not a man of honour, integrity and principle anymore?

And Tunku I beg to differ on your comment “I cannot imagine anything baser and more grotesque than attempting to corrupt and seduce perfectly decent and honourable parliamentarians to betray the trust of the voters who have put them there in the first place to represent them in their constituencies”.

Where Tunku do you find these “perfectly decent and honourable parliamentarians” who will not betray the trust of the voters? Surely not in Barisan Nasional?

As you said, and I quote you here “I have always said that elections in our country are free but not fair”. Who Tunku do not make them fair? Pakatan Rakayat or Barisan Nasional? Our gripe is this Tunku –if election has been free and fair then maybe Pakatan Rakyat will already be in government and not Barisan Nasional!

Who engineered Perak?

To quote a friend of mine Azam64

“You talked about Anwar trying to engineer a mass defection among MPs in the land below the wind. It did not materialise, maybe Anwar did not have the resources or he did not try hard enough. That it did not happen then does not speak much of any such incident.

What about an incident that really happened? The Perak state government fell because of defections.

Somebody engineered it. You did not mention anything about it. This state of selective amnesia is not limited to only one person. How can you talk of anybody losing the moral high ground when you forget a case that is so similar? In case you have also forgotten, the Sabah state govt under the PBS of Pairin Kittingan also fell in 1994 because of defections. Who engineered it? It was the party that you now seems to be in bed with.

Engineering defections is not anything new in Malaysian politics, although undesirable. Always it was the party that you are in love now that gained”

Yes Tunku, politics is a game of political hypocrisy and mutual deception – one that it would seems you want to put yourself above joining.

For these sentiments we will hold you in high regard and reverence. Now please stay at that high and exalted level you have placed yourself at and try to resist the temptation to join us sub-humans in the abyss that is Malaysian politics. You owe yourself that much. Salam!

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CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.

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