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Polls period the only time when BN will listen


YOURSAY 'I believe if students are allowed their own choices of subject, the national schools can cater for all Malaysians.'

Another mega-rally for Segamat Chinese school

your sayAnonymous #19098644: The consistency of the basic principle under which the Kuantan independent Chinese school was approved also applies to Segamat. It is the aspiration of the community and voters of Segamat that they want this school for their children.

Obviously this is always brought up during an election period because it is the only time when the BN will listen.

Prime Minister Najib Razak claims he listens - is this issue something he wants to hear? And does he respond positively to what he hears?

It is time for a comprehensive review of the education policy rather than a piecemeal case-by-case decision brought about by pressure and political reaction.

Ex-wfw: I hope people remember that learning a single language does not carry you very far, especially in the 21st century.

The current issue came about when BN started a policy of exclusiveness instead of inclusiveness in the education system of the nation. This divide should be approached from practical standpoint.

Notwithstanding the positive aspects of the independent schools, the Education Ministry should look at the overall aspects of today's education needs.

In a flat world, we are competing with everyone else on this planet. Let us create a national education policy where students are allowed to choose and pick particular subjects of their choice.

Today, the ministry thinks it has found a total solution by 'forcing' students to do subjects based on general directive. I believe if students are allowed their own choices of subject, the national schools can cater for all Malaysians.

Anonymous #04962611: The Chinese schools in the 1970s almost died a natural death because most of the parents sent their children to ‘English' schools as they were then.

But when then-education minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad started to change the schools to the Bahasa medium, that's when the rot started.

So the Chinese had no choice but to sent their kids to Chinese primary schools - SJK(C) - as they have a greater advantage of extra languages and no religious studies. Can you see our standard in education progressing?

Sabahan: I just wonder why Chinese education group Dong Zong had to fight the Umno-BN government to establish an independent Chinese school.

After all, they did not ask for any assistance from the Umno-BN government. The establishment of any independent school, be it Chinese, Mongolian, Russian or in any language, should not be controlled by the Umno-BN government.

If it is a hare-brained idea, no one will enrol their children in these schools. But it appears that Chinese independent schools are popular, and the Umno-BN government is trying to stifle the learning of knowledge and languages in Malaysia.

Hello: Of course, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek is annoyed with the call to rally for an independent Chinese high school for Segamat, especially when its near the 13th general election.

Further, he knows that MCA cannot fulfill this mission even though it is supposed to represent the Chinese community. It does not have the courage to face Umno on this issue.

The only ideal it has today is towards filling the pockets of its leaders. It's better for the party to disappear from the political stage.

Timothy: A hungry, desperate beggar will also naturally know the right timing and how to obtain food. Dong Zong has been requesting it for many years.

Now is not the time to argue about the medium of instruction, be it Tamil or Chinese, nor that Universiti Teknologi Mara being only for bumiputeras.

Chua Soi Lek should not be angry with Dong Zong. He should be angry about how Seg Hwa School was converted into a national school in the first place. Does MCA know about this conversion?

So this is a legitimate request to restore what was robbed from the community years ago. Dong Zong should also focus on producing multilingual students to compete globally.

Shanandoah: Why does Dong Zong press for Chinese secondary schools? It's simply because national schools have failed. Bring back the English-medium schools with all their glory and this demand for Chinese secondary schools will automatically cease.

Outsource some of the English schools to Britain like Hong Kong has done and the result will be unity in diversity to our nation and satisfaction all round.

Umno doesn't understand what the people want. They will sure lose greatly at the coming polls.

Mr KJ John: This is politics of ethnicity at its best and worst. Will this group fight for schools for the Orang Asli?

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