Wednesday, 4 July 2012

One law for BN, another for the rest

Many have come to the defence of S Ambiga the former president of the Malaysian Bar and the current co-chair of Bersih but the core issue still remains unanswered.

Is Ambiga getting the brickbats and the question raised in Parliament by a BN backbencher that shouldn't she be hanged for committing "treason" against the King because she is an Indian Malaysian?

The BN backbencher who has been a veteran of sorts seems to show the world the real side of what Umno politics is all about.

When push comes to shove, Umno can't debate its way to victory, it instead uses threats to subdue the enemy and continue to keep the people in a state of denial.

This state of denial will then be passed on from generation to generation making each generation much more dependent than the one previous.

When they can't debate and convince an enlightened society, they change the law.

Now it is incumbent on the author of the email or comment in the net to say that he is innocent as opposed to being innocent until proven guilty.

Changing the law is a breeze for these people because they command a majority in Parliament.

The question now will be, who allowed such a situation to arise in the first place? The answer is very clear, it is us, the people of this nation.

We just voted, voted and voted in the BN till they got so bold and big in head that only they can rule this country.

Laws are consistently changed to suit the needs of a desperate regime whose cover is now totally blown away for all to see.

They talk about hanging Ambiga but never open their mouths about the PAS leadership who were by her side leading the coalition for free and elections.

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