Monday, 30 July 2012

Malaysians do not owe Proton a living

YOURSAY 'Now we finally see the vast network of unproductive parasites created by Mahathir to keep his Proton scam afloat.'

'Slashing car prices will cause unemployment'

your sayKgen: Malay Vehicle Importers and Traders Association (Pekema) chief Zainuddin Abdul Rahman left out the material fact that Pekema members will be unemployed without their lucrative APs.

Since when has Pekema worried about mass unemployment, infrastructure, education and assisting low-income groups? Pekema members have been rent-seeking too long. They should now just get lost.

Anonymous #02382443: Sorry Pekema, your days of milk and honey are going to be over soon. The only work you guys are doing is rubber stamping and collecting rent. You don't contribute anything positive to the economy, except enriching yourselves out of other Malaysians' hard-earned income.

1Malaysia2Agama: Zainuddin must be the mother of all jokers. Most countries sell cars cheaper than Malaysia and all of their people are gainfully employed. Here, we buy overpriced and low-quality cars. Get rid of these rent-seekers and we will all prosper.

Kgen: When will these Pekema members get decent jobs instead of rent-seeking through the APs? Malaysians do not owe them a living.

No Fool: Zainuddin is talking nonsense just to protect his own interest. Malaysians do not owe Proton a living and the BN government has been protecting the local automakers for more than 30 years. And in that time, they have remained inefficient and uncompetitive up till now.

It is high time the rakyat support Pakatan's plan to reduce car taxes and reject the current automotive policy created by the corrupt BN government that is meant only to benefit Umnoputra cronies under the pretext of supporting the local industries and creating employment.

Anomnim: Zainuddin, are you saying that the local automative industry isn't viable in the first place that it has to be propped up by taxes? If it is not viable, then why is every working adult in the country paying to keep this non-viable system going for almost 30 years?

Thetruth: Another crony talking. Basically he is saying Malaysia cannot compete, but what he means is the cronies and Umnoputras cannot do so, and need government protection and subsidy at the expenses of the common people.

Abasir: Pekema rent-seekers and professional hanger-ons will be seriously disadvantaged if car prices come down. Now we finally see the vast network of lazy, unproductive parasites in the form of Pekema and other low-lifes created by Mahathir to keep his Proton scam afloat.

Anonymous: So here is the plan, first, hire as many cronies as you can. Second, ask the non-cronies to pay more to support the cronies.

Whenever the non-cronies go against you, all you have to do is make the cronies scare (enough mass is needed), so that they will all vote for you again to get you in office and the process repeats itself.

Simon: If it is just subsidising Proton and Perodua, then it is not so bad. What is even more amazing is the APs (approved permits) are issued to the cronies for them to rake in millions, bringing in foreign cars on the cheap and profiting from it.

What is the point of protecting Proton when they have to compete with these cheap cars that the cronies bring in at below cost. It is all hogwash, eventually the cronies are the winners.

Odin: Zainuddin, don't talk about Malaysia being a developed country by 2020 because it will not be. You have only seven years left, but Malaysia's total debt is already RM582 billion, or 66 percent of GDP. That is 11 percent above the statutory limit.

As for your claim of mass unemployment due to the local car makers falling behind the foreign ones, it is a fear of the unknown, which, in turn, is one of the traits of lazy people.

If you have an easy life, you grow fat and suffer from heart diseases. That shows in the local car manufacturing industry. It is merely plodding along. Supported by crutches from the government, there is no challenge for it to improve. And it will eventually die off.

Anonymous #49857050: The more BN cronies talk, the more they tell the rakyat they are not fit to run the country. It is good that Pakatan slashes the car prices for it forces the local companies to be more competitive to survive.

Proton's car prices can go down by another 20 percent, minimum. They scream that it is impossible because their suppliers (read: cronies) are selling car parts at high prices. If they really source the market and buy direct from the manufacturers, they can!

Further, the management is very top heavy and should be trimmed down and salaries should be revised.

For example, TM (Telekom Malaysia) has around 100 GMs (general managers) and DGMs, for what may I ask? To employ as many bumiputeras (read: cronies again) as possible and then burden the rakyat with exorbitant prices for their services.

All these GLCs (government-linked companies) can offer their services at a lot lower prices and allow the rakyat to really benefit from the wealth of the country.

Wong Chae Sing: BN has close to three decades to make Proton a success but they failed miserably and dragged the entire nation with them to enrich some cronies and incompetent people.

Compared with Hyundai, Proton and BN are miserable failures. Hyundai started at almost the same time as Proton but Hyundai today is a world beater and has global recognition.

After 30 years, how many cars Proton sells in China? In Australia? In the US? In Europe? In Asean?

And as for job creation, Thailand created hundreds of thousands of jobs when it becomes the Detroit of Asean.

Anonymous_4196: I just can't understand the logic Pekema chief. The car prices reduction proposal is because of reduction or abolishment of excise duty. How does the reduction of tax cause unemployment?

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