Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Enough with the conspiracy theories

JULY 4 — Some say DAP is an ally of the PAP. Even if it is true, so what?

Yes, I am aware that PAP championed Malaysian Malaysia back in the 1960s, and was blamed for Singapore’s expulsion from the Federation of Malaysia. I also understand the politically correct term now is not Malaysian Malaysia, but instead a totally different, not straightforward meaning, not fully embraced concept of 1 Malaysia.

I am also very well aware that PAP led a Chinese-majority republic as opposed to an Umno-led majority Malay Malaysia.

Now, why is that a problem to us? Why did one newspaper dedicated its last weekly column to painting a racist picture of PAP, also insinuating a repeat of August 1965 in Penang?

Okay, first let us assume that PAP is racist and DAP is also racist by association, but which political party here isn’t? 1 Malaysia Barisan Nasional or the Muslim-Malay majority PAS who is bent on implementing hudud? Or perhaps MCA, MIC?

Who is the one supporting Perkasa and Pekida?

One BN minister even said that they are not ready for non-racial politics even if Malaysians are. Who is the pot calling the kettle black now?

So what if PAP and DAP are racist?

Leaders from PAP have visited Penang and have established cordial economic and social ties with the current state leaders. To be frank, I would want Malaysia to emulate Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Korea when developing the country instead of constantly comparing this country to Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Singapore has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, with first-class infrastructure and an economy that is very resilient to the global climate. They are home to world-class universities, such as Nanyang Technology University and National University of Singapore that produces top notch graduates, who are sought after even before they graduate.

So why the egoistic stance towards PAP? And secondly, to insinuate that Penang may leave the federation of Malaysia because of the good relationship between PAP and DAP is just plain stupid.

We have witnessed our leaders shake hands with George Bush, Tony Blair and even Bashar Assad of Syria. Just because we maintain good working relationships with their leaders, does it mean we will bomb the innocent and fabricate evidence to support one war? Does maintaining a good working relationship with foreign powers spell a traitorous end on our part?

If no, then why such connection between PAP and DAP? But let me play the devil’s advocate and assume that it’s true. Don’t we have a Federal Constitution that will never allow a repetition of August 9,1965? Even back then, wasn’t it our Parliament that voted 126–0 in favour of a Constitutional amendment expelling Singapore from the federation?

Those with evidence and proof to suggest such a treasonous act should step forward and lodge a report so that these leaders can be put to trial and punished before the court of law.

Otherwise, enough with conspiracy theories and let’s get back to developing the country.

I read recently that the Chinese have succeeded in docking a spacecraft to another in orbit. Sometimes I wonder if the average school-going child out there even knows what a spacecraft or an orbit is, while our leaders bicker about who is more Malay/Chinese/Indian.

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