Sunday 8 July 2012

All innuendoes and not a shred of evidence


YOURSAY 'Umno had used the sex issue on Anwar Ibrahim without success. They are now trying their luck on Lim Guan Eng.'
your sayMoontime: MCA is only doing the only thing that they know - spreading lies, slanders and defaming political opponents. Is it any wonder why the Chinese rejected them wholeheartedly in the last GE?

If Malacca MCA chief Gan Tian Loo is telling the truth, why doesn't he repeat the allegation outside the assembly? 'Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.'

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng's wife is clearly the victim here. Well, MCA, you can kiss your Chinese support goodbye with this stupid and thoroughly pathetic act of cowardice.

Mosquito: So far, all we have are insinuations and innuendoes. The thinking public must decide whether to believe a philanderer and the coward who hides behind the immunity of the state assembly.

Any person can say anything, whether true or not, in the state assembly but if he does not say it outside the assembly, why should we take him seriously?

Changeagent: "Service her husband". What kind of low-life despicable political scum would utter that type of demeaning and downright offensive remark?

CSL (MCA chief Chua Soi Lek), I really pity your poor wife for having to put up with your womanising ways, as well as your lack of respect and appreciation towards her role as a wife. You have already hurt her enough by your many indiscretions.

On her behalf, I strongly urge you to evaluate yourself and start developing some decency in your attitude towards all women and wives in general.

This isn't a request. It's a demand if you still harbour any hope of remaining a national leader of any prominence.

Jiminy Qrikert: Touche! What excellent counter-attack that lays bare yet again the trespasses Chua Sex Lek has committed against his own family.

What an excellent contrast - on the one hand, the MCA president who was caught with his pants down and having no other recourse other than to confess and try to spin it as the contrite act of a 'hero' willing to face the errors of his philandering ways, and on the other, lies spun by MCA to destroy the family of an innocent man by attacking his wife.

So, it would seem that Chua Sei Lek loves to use lies to hurt his own wife and family (until he was captured having sex on video), and now he uses lies again to hurt the wife of an innocent man.

Anonymous #58437020: It is no wonder that our country is in so much pain. What we have in the daily media are all slanders.

Our leaders have lost their sense of direction, and greed and power have made them obsessed with bringing one another down.

With the recent financial crisis around the world, and what is happening in the US, UK and Europe, you would think that our leaders would go back to the fundamentals.

Instead, they use the political arena to bring chaos to the administration and also shame to the country.

Don't Play-Play: "Chew said as a woman, she urged Chua's wife to stop such ‘cruelty' from her husband."

Why bring Chua's wife into this political game? She is an ordinary housewife and not a legislator like her husband or like LGE (Lim Guan Eng) and you? Why stoop this low, Chew?

Onyourtoes: The only one loves to play low here is Don't Play-Play. CSL's wife has suffered; I am sure most other women would, if their husbands are made to admit publicly of their infidelity.

So in that context, it is logical to remind her that other women may be in the same situation, more so if the allegation is not true. It has nothing to do with whether or not the wife is a legislator or not.

Can we see the baloney of all these? We have someone who committed adultery. He then goes around assuming that others, particularly his political opponents, also did the same. And he asked them to admit to the misdeed even though there was none.

Then there was this Umno Youth leader who accused LGE's son for sexual misconduct, but it was proven beyond doubt that the allegation was not true. Did this individual apologise? No, he pretends nothing has happened.

How then could the MCA president and the Umno Youth leader ever talk about contribution to society, nation building and making a better life for all.

Louis: I suspect this is the game plan mooted by MCA and Umno. Umno had used the sex issue on Anwar Ibrahim without success. They are now trying their luck on LGE.

Chua Soi Lek looks like a very desperate man craving for power. He knows that should MCA cannot get more seats than the last election, he had already promised that no MCA will be represented in the cabinet. As such, his son will not lose his deputy minister's post.

Anak JB: BN is bankrupt of ideas and the only idea left is to concoct slanders, lies and sex allegations without any substantiation.

First it was Anwar, than Guan Eng's son and now Guan Eng and his wife. CSL, you should be ashamed of yourself and you do not have any moral authority to talk about others. Let those who cast the first stone have not sinned!

YK Chua: Being an MCA member, I am disgusted by the depth to which my party president is willing to stoop.

He has shown himself to be immoral and is certainly not fit to be a leader, much less a leader of the Chinese community. My sympathy to Betty Chew for having to bear with such insinuations.

Bystander: Frankly, I am not at all perturbed with such personal problem, even if it is true.

My question is why Chua Soi Lek was not charged for his offence of unnatural sex, which is of the same severity of sodomy?

Two sets of laws in Malaysia? How does the government under BN expect its citizens to obey the laws?

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