Monday 4 June 2012

Umno offers money and food, PAS offers hope

YOURSAY 'Get very real, DPM. If indeed Umno is in such good condition, call for an election now and watch Putrajaya fall.'

Kedah PAS rallygoers paid, scoffs Muhyiddin

your sayFree And Fair Election: Last I remembered, Umno was getting Korean pop teen groups to bring in the crowd, and as well as offering free food, free gifts, etc.

What does PAS have to offer? PAS offers the people a realistic chance to topple our corrupted government and fresh hope.

Get very real, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. If indeed Umno is in such good condition, call for an election now and watch Putrajaya fall.

Mushiro: So the DPM agreed that the PAS turnout in Kedah was massive and it was a show of strength. He was right on both counts.

But Muhyiddin was desperately trying to convince himself and Umno that the crowd was paid to attend.

If PAS had the money and logistics to pay their supporters, then I still think this would have been a big achievement for the Islamic party.

PAS should now organise another rally, this time in Johor, just to tickle Muhyiddin.

Compass: It is frightening and shameful to have a deputy prime minister who doesn't understand that civil servants serve the government of the day and not the political party in power.

No wonder all government resources are used by BN to serve itself.

Artchan: I wasn't paid to go to Bersih 3.0. But it was worth spending my own money to get to the city, get tear gassed and sprayed with chemical-laced water.

And it took almost a full day of my time, when I could be at home watching TV. Just because Umno has to organise bus rides and free food and pocket money, it doesn't mean everyone are like Umno participants.

I never expected such a moronic statement from a deputy prime minister, but I am hardly surprised.

USChallengerReturns: Muhyiddin, do you understand the phrase 'never to judge others by your own standards'?

Keneoh: I have attended a few Pakatan ceramah, and I definitely paid for my own transport, food and drinks and on top of that made a contribution to their fundraising.
BN has to get people to attend by offering them money, food, lucky draws and dancing girls. I, too, have attended BN ceramah but will be voting for Pakatan.

Ruben: Muhyiddin, you are absolutely wrong, PAS is not a party like Umno that has been saddled with so many scandals that even former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad indicated that money politics rules the day in Umno.

Even as a non-Muslim, when I look at PAS leaders like Niz Aziz Nik Mat, Nizar Jamaluddin, Abdul Hadi Awang and Mat Sabu, you see humility and a genuine concern for the welfare of the rakyat.

Furthermore, PAS does not have that kind of money that your party has and even if it did, it would not resort to practices like that. Remember, people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Fair&Just: The PAS rally could have been bigger, my non-Malay friends are ever ready to attend and donate to the cause if invited. It seems that the Umno culture is all about money and sex only.

ABBN: Muhyiddin, you are dead wrong. The support from the people, especially the Chinese and the Indians for the PAS and Pakatan, is not declining. On the contrary, it has increased double fold compared to the last general elections.

The fact is that the people want an even stronger and more efficient Pakatan Kedah government to serve them by requesting Pakatan to consider replacing the less efficient ‘tsunami' YBs with better ones.

For example, Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak is too elderly and sickly (he is on sick leave almost half of the term) and Phahrolrazi Zawawi is widely known to the locals as not a clean man.

Tan Chow Kang is too old and illiterate in Malay and English. Lim Soo Nee, is a known hard header, low calibre, not a team player, inefficient and gives no service to his constituents.

Lee Guan Aik, is impulsive, selfish, lacks leadership with no IQ and EQ. It's alleged his wife is his sole decision-maker.

If all these could be replaced with higher calibre candidates, Pakatan should win with better results than in GE 12 and give Kedah a better government.

At the PAS rally, a husband paid for his three wives. A mother paid for her four children, and three grandsons sponsored their grandparents.

On top of this, they had to ‘kongsi makan' (share) one packet of nasi lemak and a bottle of mineral water as dinner at the assembly.

Indeed, my Chinese friend shared his nasi lemak with his PAS and Indian brothers there. So, you want to charge them for bribing?

Kairos: It is not about how many people come for each of the rallies that will decide the next government. It is totally childish even to think like that. These are games that children play.

What's more telling is that the opposition can garner such a big turnout. It shows that a substantial percentage of the rakyat is registering their displeasure at the way the ruling party is managing the government.

If I were the government, I would be very worried. The effect the massive opposition turnout has on the fence-sitters is much more than the large Umno turnout. The ultimate truth will be revealed at the next GE.

Headhunter: Umno leaders must be consumed with jealousy seeing how PAS is supported by the Malays without freebies and money.

Umno's ‘paid to attend' culture is now so ingrained that no one will turn up at their events unless money is dangled in front of them.

It's like in China where professional mourners are paid to attend funerals.

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