Monday 4 June 2012

Stunt-man politicians — Ali Kadir

JUNE 4 — “Actors” are running amok in Malaysia these days, with their mouths and actions.
First there was the sometimes DPM (sometimes because sometimes he behaves like the PM) Muhyiddin Yassin saying that that the skirmish at Bersih 3.0 was a precursor to violence by Pakatan Rakyat once they lose the elections.

Today, Information Minister Rais Yatim said that Anwar Ibrahim must behave like a gentleman and accept the election results and not riot, etc.

It is interesting till today Najib Razak has not given his word that the BN will leave Putrajaya peacefully if it loses the election. You know why he is silent? Because his party has already unleashed the troublemakers and they are called Perkasa, Pekida, the petty traders association and the Rempits.

In fact, not one senior Umno leader has said that they will accept the people’s verdict.

I am tickled that Muhyiddin and Rais (yes, Malaysians, this is the quality of our ministers) are reading from the same script. The script is aimed at creating the impression that the opposition and Bersih are troublemakers/spoilsports and that BN is confident of victory.

Let me tackle the notion that BN is confident of victory. Could this be the reason why till today the PM is dithering over the date of the polls and the de facto PM Mahathir Mohamad says that the government is weak?

I suppose fiddling with the electoral rolls is a sign of strength as is the use of thugs to disrupt opposition rallies as is the unprecedented use of government funds to buy support, pay cybertroopers.
I get the game being played by Muhyiddin and Rais. They expect some trouble if/when BN lose and they are laying the foundation to blame the opposition/Bersih.

But most Malaysians know the machinations of Umno/BN. We have lived with scoundrels for a long time.

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