Saturday 2 June 2012

PKR deputy's house disrupted again

PKR deputy Azmin Ali’s residence has been disturbed for the second time under 24 hours as a group of 50 people staged a 20-minute protest against him this afternoon.

According to eyewitness Hassan Yusoff, the group of alleged Umno Ampang division members convened at a road opposite of Azmin's residence at about 4pm, brandishing placards while shouting anti-PKR slogans.

NONEHassan said the group chanted, "PKR is a liar, Azmin is corrupt."

The incident took place a day after some 20 bikers revved their engines outside Azmin's residence last night.

Azmin (left), however, is not at home today. He is on a two-day trip to Sabah to meet party leaders to finalise preparations for the coming general election.

Hassan, who is Gombak PKR division vice chairperson, said the protestors did not submit any memorandum to the Azmin’s family, nor did they commit any acts of violence.

Under the close watch of two carloads of policemen, the protestors left the scene at around 4.20pm, he added.

Azmin’s wife Shamsidar Taharin was however unimpressed by the demonstration, calling it “a harassment and intrusion of privacy”.

“They came here, they disturbed my families, a sick father of mine and my neighbours.

“I feel it is so stupid; it is the kind of gutter politics that Umno practices,” she said when met by reporters outside the house.

Asked why she thought Azmin was being repeatedly targeted in accusations and protests, she said perhaps he is an easy target after opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Shamsidar lodged a police report last night and will consider measures to beef up her house’s security in the wake of today’s protest.

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