Saturday 30 June 2012

Guan Eng fears for safety Perkasa ‘brush’

Lim Guan Eng has a rude shock when a youth brushes against him from behind.

Teluk Bahang: Enjoying a Saturday morning stroll in Teluk Bahang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had rude a shock when a Perkasa member suddenly appeared from behind and brushed his left shoulder and arm.

Some local village security and development committee (JKKK) members managed to push away the youth and escorted the chief minister to his car.

Though Lim was uninjured, he was stunned by the incident.

Lim arrived at the Teluk Bahang wet market complex at 8am for a walkabout and dialogue session with constituents.

It was part of his one day “Meet the People in Balik Pulau Parliamentary Constituency” between 8am and 3pm.

Lim was about to go to his car when a youth forced his way through the crowd and brushed him.
The chief minister later said he now feared for his safety as the hostile Perkasa members were getting aggressively closer to him.

Earlier, some 10 Perkasa members held a protest against Lim outside the wet market.

They carried anti-Lim and state government banners and placards, and chanted slogans.
Anti-Lim and “racist” posters were also pasted on the market’s walls.

Some were removed by local residents and the island municipality (MPPP) workers before Lim arrived at the site.

Sources said Perkasa members were seen putting up the posters at about 3am.

Upon Lim’s arrival, the Perkasa protest and chants grew louder and the protestors started to throw his posters all over the road.

Several Perkasa youths also followed Lim around during his walkabout.

Lim then went
for a dialogue session with some 300 constituents.
The “brushing” incident took place as he was about to leave for another function.

Police must act

FMT learnt that a Perkasa member had lodged a police report complaining that he was roughed up by Lim’s aides.

Balik Pulau OCPD Superintendent Mohd Hatta Mohd Zain confirmed the report and said the police would investigate it.

Penang House Speaker Abdul Halim Hussain, who accompanied Lim, said that some 10 policemen, who were on duty during the event, failed to stop the youth from reaching the chief minister.

Describing Perkasa’s behaviour as “embarrassing and unhealthy”, he called on the police to take stern action.

“The Perkasa youths were  disgraceful, racist and unruly.

“Police should act before something bad happens,” he told FMT.

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