Sunday 6 May 2012

NO SARAWAK, NO PUTRAJAYA - Shortwave radios for Sarawak longhouses

Hi Malaysians, we can all afford to fork out RM50 to save this country, help these guys raise enough to buy not 2,200 short wave radios but 5,000 or even 10,000 of them to distribute to the interior. Lets do our part - 1Christians 

Latest update : So far, fund for 1,929 radios have been collected, still a little short of the target of 2,200 units. 


The radio. This simple device that comes in all shape and sizes, is often taken for granted. But is a lifeline to information for Sarawakians living in the interior.

With a general election looming where the information war can determine the balance of power, activists have resorted to promoting the radio as their weapon in an attempt to break BN's grip in the interiors of Sarawak.

Dubbed "Buy a radio to free Sarawak" the campaign aims to collect funds to buy up to 2,200 radios which will be distributed to longhouses across the hornbill state.

"We want to bring as many shortwave radios into the longhouses of Sarawak so that our fellow Malaysians over there get to hear what's really happening," its description read.

The campaign is intended to work in tandem with Radio Free Sarawak which is critical of the state government.

The radio station that operates out of the UK has earned the ire of the government and there have been attempts to jam its signals.

Every RM50 contributed to the campaign, will go to buying a radio that comes with batteries.

"When you support this campaign, every cent of your money goes towards buying shortwave radios for the people who live in the longhouses of Sarawak so that they can listen to an alternative news source - Radio Free Sarawak - and be fully aware of what's really happening to their home state."

The radios will then be distributed by potential candidates who will be contesting against BN in the upcoming general election.

The campaign which concludes today, has collected enough funds for 1,929 radios, slightly short of its 2,200 target.

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