Thursday, 17 May 2012

Rise against feudal Umno


Umno thinks Malays are a herd of cows which they can herd into submission. How do my criticisms on what Umno has done to Malays constitute a reason for Malay disunity?

In addition, there are the usual invectives about my joining the DAP, which has caused Malay disunity. Please don’t try to impose your condescending views on me.

I am not less Malay than you.

Let me tell you now that Malay unity is not the monopoly of Umno nor does Umno own the rights to Malay unity.

Malays unite for causes and for ideals beyond what Umno can muster. The main cause of Malay disunity is Umno’s culture of enslaving the minds of Malays.

It’s a feudal party infusing the feudal mentality into the Malays. A Malay is a Malay only when he is an Umno Malay.

Very sorry, most of us don’t subscribe to this moronic redundancy. Umno candidates got two million out of the 5.7 million Malay votes in 2008.

Lost moral rights

If Umno got two million votes, it means also that one million Umno members did not vote for Umno candidates. As such, it can’t even claim it represents Malays anymore.

Why should we accept that Malay unity exists only when it’s under Umno hegemony?

The fact of the matter is, Umno has lost its moral right to the claim it represents Malay unity.

So you better wipe away that nervous smirk on your face, insisting that being Malay means being an Umno Malay.

I am telling my Malay brethren that the demise of Umno does not mean the end of Malays.

We Malays must rise up and push ourselves forward by stepping out of the mental enslavement imposed on us by Umno.

Umno wants us to treat it as a deity to whom we pledged obeisance and unquestioning loyalty.

So Malays, such as I, who do not share what Umno fights for, are accused of being responsible for splitting up Malay unity.

Umno fails to realise that the principle of unity, trust and cooperation is a common struggle for the advancement of the common good and fortification of one’s faith.

How can we cooperate or trust a party that has betrayed the cause of Malays?

I, for one, will not pledge obeisance to pillagers and plunderers professing to uplift and safeguard the Malays while raising the spectre of religious confrontation.

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