Sunday, 13 May 2012

PKR veeps: Hisham's 'chaos' card comes into play

PKR has accussed Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein of another attempt at whitewashing the police violence at Bersih 3.0 rally by claiming that some demonstrators were deliberately out to cause chaos.

In a press release today, PKR vice presidents Nurrul Izzah Anwar and N Surendran said Hishammuddin was acting unlawfully in his attempt to distort the truth about the rally.

"(The minister also seeks) to justify criminality and violence by the authorities," they said.

Yesterday, Hishammuddin told participants at a career fair that some participants of the Bersih rally on April 28 had their sights on causing injuries and lost of life.

The duo said that the home minister's latest outburst was a "Goebbels-style" propaganda and breached his ministerial oath of office.

Nurul Izzah and Surendran said that this could be, in part, due to Hishammuddin's direct link to the police violence inflicted on the public and journalists.

Hisham must be probed
In view of this, the duo said an independent investigation into Hishammuddin's gross misconduct during and after the rally should be undertaken immediately.

"Pending this probe, we call for the suspension of Hishamuddin as a cabinet minister pursuant to Article 43 of the Federal Constitution," they said.

The Bersih 3.0 rally saw an estimated 100,000 people gather around the historic Dataran Merdeka to call for free and fair elections.

Despite the massive turnout, most attention was turned on how the rally went awry, when protestors breached the Dataran Merdeka cordon.

The police responded with tear gas and water cannon fire. Scores of people were attacked by police personnel, including journalists.

At least three police personnel and 60 protestors were hospitalised for injuries.

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