Friday, 11 May 2012


Penang PAS Youth has condemned Perkasa for holding a symbolic funeral rite in front of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's house yesterday.

The wing's secretary Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden said Perkasa is supposed to be defending Malay rights but the actions of its members do no reflect the culture or polite nature of the community.

NONEAfnan said the actions of Perkasa have "ignited the flames of racism", which go against the spirit of the federal constitution and conflict with the teachings of Islam.

"We want to advise Perkasa members to use their brains and act rationally to reflect the true identity and behaviour of Malay Mulims," Afnan said in a press statement.

"Otheriwse, it is Perkasa that will be buried by the rakyat," he warned.

Afnan was referring to the 30-odd Perkasa members who showed up at Lim's house on Pinhorn Road and at the state government offices at Komtar to protest his leadership of Penang since 2008.

They carried out a symbolic funeral rite in front of his house, placing a framed photograph of Lim with a garland to indicate that Lim was "dead" to the Malays for ignoring their plights.

On their way to Komtar, the group threw posters of Lim with the label "Guan Eng anti-Melayu" on the roads, but their action elicited no response from the police.

‘Double standards of the police'

Lim condemned the act, saying the disturbances could have frightened his five-year-old child, who fortunately was not at home when the Perkasa members turned up.

He pointed out the "double-standard approach" of the police and asked whether they would allow a similar event to take place outside the prime minister's official residence.

NONEAfnan also questioned why the group of 30 who appeared outside Lim's personal residence did not attract any police action. Nor did the police act against them for dirtying the streets by throwing posters of Lim and disrupting traffic, he added.

"This shows the double standards of the police. They act cruelly against protesters attending peaceful demonstrations, such as Bersih 3.0, but failed to take action here," he said.

What is the fatwa on Perkasa?

Afnan also questioned the recent fatwa that it is haram (not permissible) to attend demonstrations that are "unproductive, against the law or cause disturbance in the country".

He asked the National Fatwa Council to state its fatwa on Perkasa's latest antics, which he said do not reflect Malay and Muslim culture, and with which Perkasa was trying to create enmity among the different races.

"Do not be an ulama for the government by just issuing edicts imposed by the ruling party," he criticised those in the fatwa council.

If a democratically-elected chief minister of a state could easily be provoked by Perkasa without security control, what guarantee is there that the ordinary people would be safe, he asked.

He proposed that Perkasa be disbanded if it was set up to incite "dangerous" racial sentiments in the country and to cause a repeat of the bloody riots of May 13.

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