Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Let's flip burgers outside PM's residence

YOURSAY 'The police can hunt down Bersih participants but they can't arrest hooligans opening a burger stall in front of someone's house?'

Protest outside Ambiga's house 'not an offence'

your sayChangeagent: Khalid Abu Bakar, do you see the guy in black clothes and cap in the photo above looking into Ambiga's house?

That is called invasion of privacy. He may not physically be inside her property compound, but he had definitely breached her human and legal rights to feel secure and safe in her own house.

The same applies to the other goons who are trying to intimidate and harass her and her family under the pretend guise of selling burgers.

Some kind of lousy deputy police chief you are. You have disgraced the police force yet again by your inability to enforce the law impartially and objectively.

I guess the moral of the story for the rest of us is not to rely on the police to protect the safety and sanctity of our own homes. Nepalese Gurkha security guards can do a much better job keeping us safe.

Anonymous #43051382: Deputy police chief Khalid Abu Bakar is a real cartoon character in ‘1Funny Malaysia'.

Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga is a vegetarian and the stooges from Umno were cooking beef burgers in front of her house and Khalid said it was not an offence as they were not disrupting her life.

Okay, now let's go and set up a pork chop stall in front of PM Najib Abdul Razak's house and see what happens.

Holden: This misguided clown who passes for a lawman is opening the floodgates to a whole new way of protesting.

James1067: So Khalid said opening a burger stall outside a VIP's house is not an offence.

If one party can do it, so can others as long as they are not disrupting the people. It's time to open a burger stall outside his house and also all the VIPs' houses.

Are you saying that the people have no right to speak or hold a rally when something is wrong? Who are you protecting? The taxpayer or the politician?

People have a right to clean and transparent elections. This is their basic right.

1M: You can now sell hamburgers, deliver coffins or even conduct funeral rites outside anybody's house - that's okay with our deputy IGP.

Frus: The top brass of the police typically take care of Umno interests while in service and immediately upon retirement, they will be given top directorships and a host of other "benefits in kind" for being Umno-friendly. Khalid is just trying to outdo his predecessors.

Anomnim: How about charging them with the offence of opening a stall without licence? You can hunt down Bersih 3.0 participants who went on a stroll on a public road but you can't arrest hooligans opening a burger stall in front of someone's house? How pathetic.

Caripasal: This is indeed a great news. The deputy chief of police has just given permission to all Malaysians to sell nasi lemak outside his house, the PM's and all the ministers' mansions, as long as we stay in the ‘public space'.

Perhaps we should also add 'lion dance' and 'silat' shows. After all, no request is needed to hold such protests as we are not invading their privacy.

Don't Play-Play: Ambiga has lost her right to privacy when she insist to hold the Bersih 3.0 rally in the streets near Dataran Merdeka, which resulted in chaos in Kuala Lumpur and disrupted the life of ordinary city folk.

Ambiga is the axis of all the trouble in Kuala Lumpur that day. The protest in front of her house is nothing if compared with the April 28 rally.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. We will let her taste her own medicine.

Hang Babeuf: Interesting. Street demonstrations, the government says, "are not part of our culture". So how come this one is okay?

Or does it come within the category, and under the protection, of "promoting bumiputera small-business enterprise"? Seems more like "nasty business" than small business!

HYL: By the way, can you explain those Perkasa goons who held a funeral outside Penang CM's house?

They were obstructing the entrance and hanging pictures and garlands at the gate. Isn't that invading the owner's privacy?

So how come no arrests and how come they were not blasted with water cannons and tear gas?

Gunner: Let's us set up a ‘warung' (foodstall) in front of prime minister's house. But expect that within minutes, police would be there to arrest us.

Bystander: The Bandaraya enforcement unit once took away my mobile stall even when I was not obstructing traffic nor intruding into personal privacy.

I was just trying to make an honest living selling drinks and some finger foods in downtown. What have I done wrong?

Yes, I was approached before the raid for some coffee money which I refused to entertained. I asked myself why should I pay them RM20 when I need to toil under the hot sun for hours.

Chedet: Altantuya Shaariibuu staged a one-woman protest in front of Abdul Razak Baginda's house but was taken away and made into burger meat. Now I see the burger connection.

NuckinFuts: One question for Najib and ‘Burger Nasional': Can you promise a Malaysia that is safe for every citizen where the rule of law prevails?

If there were participants of mock funerals or politically-fueled burger sellers outside our houses, can they be dealt with by impartial police officers?

I will vote for you if you can promise us this. If not, then just carry on flipping burgers.

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