Saturday 5 May 2012

'How does occupying a square topple a gov't?'

Electoral reform group Bersih today shot down claims that it intended to overthrow the government through its April 28 rally which drew over 100,000 people, the largest since 1999.

"As far as the statement about overthrowing the government is concerned, Bersih rejects it entirely. BERSIH 2.0 wants free and fair elections.

NONE"The government has not explained how occupying Dataran Merdeka constitutes a threat to the government, or an attempt to overthrow it," a joint statement from Bersih steering committee members said today.

The coalition stressed that any change of government should ultimately be done at the ballot box through clean and fair elections.

"Which brings us back to Bersih's demands, are they (government's electoral reforms) going to be implemented before the 13th general election?
"Are the Election Commission chairperson and deputy chairperson going to step down if it is confirmed they are Umno members?"

Ignoring the show of force by over 250,000 last Saturday by labelling it as something else, Bersih said, was tantamount to insulting the people's intelligence."

Stadium poses greater danger '

Responding to criticism of the coalition's insistence on Dataran Merdeka as its protest venue despite being offered Stadium Merdeka, it reiterated that it had made the right decision.

"In hindsight, we believe it was also a good thing not to have accepted the Stadium Merdeka.

bersih 3 rally 020512 lma007"Given the conduct and ill intent of some in the police force, the stadium would have been a trap that would have been wholly unsafe for the participants."

While it did not condone the breach of Dataran Merdeka by protesters, it added that the legality of the barricades at the square was "questionable" but did not elaborate.

"We are also receiving information that much more was happening at the barricades than meets the eye," it said.

Police have since released photographs of 49 individuals believed to have been involved in breaching the barricade as well as attempting to harm  the police and their property.

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