Friday, 11 May 2012

Guan Eng: Perkasa protests have to respect privacy

Penang Chief Minister while acknowledging the right to protest, said the invasion of privacy and “personal space” of individuals was contrary to democratic principles.

“It is the right of every Malaysian to be able to protest his or her own issues, but to do so by intruding into personal space and invading the privacy of family homes or wishing for the death of anyone is utterly vile, completely disrespectful and contrary to the basic tenets of democracy.”

NONELim, responding in a statement today to Malay rights pressure group Perkasa conducting a mock funeral rite outside his house blasted the police for their inaction to a death threat against a chief minister.

“Clearly this is the first time that such a death ‘wish’ or death ‘threat’ is made against a chief minister.

“What is equally clear is that the police present were indifferent and did not stop the Perkasa members from violating my private space,” said Lim.

Yesterday Penang Perkasa Youth chief Risuan Asuddin led 30 members to stage a protest in front of Lim’s residence in Penang, placing a framed photo of the CM garlanded with flowers signifying a deceased person.

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