Sunday 6 May 2012

Former top cops want action against 'coup attempt'

Three former IGPs (Inspector-General of Police) have called on the police to act against an alleged coup attempt during the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28.

In a front-page report by Berita Harian today, former top cops Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor, Musa Hassan and Haniff Omar are quoted as lending credence to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's claim that the rally was intended to occupy Dataran Merdeka and ultimately, to topple the government.

NONE"There has to be a basis because the prime minister cannot simply make claims. It could happen and there are always people bidding their chance to do it for their own interest," Haniff (right) was quoted as saying.

According to the report, Rahim said while Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan may not be aware of the threat the rally posed, the police knew better because of they has experience in intelligence gathering.

He added in that based on the circumstances of the rally, a coup attempt was a real possibility.

"Everyone has a different agenda in the rally but when they (protesters) are charged up, and coupled with fiery speeches, the younger groups will be on fire. This is mob psychology," he was quoted as saying.
Trend overseas
Musa told the daily that occupation of a site in an attempt to shake the government has become a trend overseas and needed to be curbed.

"Chants against the government and the rioting that happened were evidence of this. If a coup had happened it would create chaos that could lead to a state of emergency," he was quoted as saying.

Similarly, former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad said on his blog that PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat was in cahoots with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in an attempt to topple the government through street demonstrations.

"Many of us think that violent demonstrations overseas will not happen here but it has been proven otherwise and it was perpetrated by Anwar from the beginning.

"Now he is in cahoots with Nik Aziz as both of them see that there is more power to be gained if they grab power through unconstitutional means," he said.


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  2. Hello!

    What "Coup"? I can't see anyone else staging a "coup" other than the Military and certainly not the Police. The Armed Forces are the most powerful and well organised pressure group or "FORCE" in any country to stage a "coup" to clean-out and clear-out a corrupt and ineffective Civilian Administration.

  3. Coup=Overthrow=usurp

    All these will happen in a variety of scenarios, and no wonder our poor PM is having sleepness nights. Don't believe it? Just look at how many grey hairs he has grown since taking office.

    PM's vibes are 'correct'. KOREK.

    Back to the days of the Malacca Kingdom, inter and intra 'political' jealousies were common among the warriors of the royal courts. Not much different today within UMNO Baru. Back-stabbing and sabotage is happening at the back-stage. There is always the POWER STRUGGLE going on. In UMNO 'lama', it was Bapa Malaysia who was the victim. He cursed '...mati takde darah...'. Most older citizens and politicians[present,retired & the RIPs] know what I mean. What goes around come around. Pak Lah was also kind of victim because he did win an election, did'nt he??? So, you see, UMNO within BARISAN is the most experienced COUP people. This COUP disease will go on forever. The 'new' PM is just round the corner, don't mark my words...just watch PM's back. That is the UMNO 'kingdom'. Siapa rajah? Greed[self interest] vs GOD.

    Come GE13, the Rakyat will decide to possibly OVERTHROW the BARISAN Federal/States Government. If this happen, will the Bersih grouping be blamed ? Bersih cannot force each citizen to vote a certain way at the ballot box though maybe some members wish they could[presumably]. Would Bersih be viewed as an agent for COUP? for change in THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE COUNTRY? Hardly. There is no connived nor contrived threath. The democratic demonstration/s were about overhauling the electoral system to be efficient and fair. Would occupying the old "Selangor Padang" crumble PUTRAJAYA and the present Barisan National Government? Only GOD can. Not those few demonstrators! Any crumbling may/will only happen at the Polls. This may be what they are scared of. So this may be THE COUP.