Thursday 31 May 2012

DAP duo attacked by BN supporters, suffers fractures

Selangor DAP state committee member V Ganapathi Rao and his brother V Papparaidu, who are leading the Hindraf splinter group Malaysian Indian Voice (MIV), suffered bone fractures after three BN supporters assaulted them in Klang last night.

Ganapathi Rao told Malaysiakini this morning that the assailants armed with a car steering lock and metal objects attacked the duo at a road junction at Taman Mutiara.

hindraf pc 241209 k vasanthakumar, v ganabatirao, v papparaiduResulting from the 10-minute attack, Ganapathi Rao (centre in photo, with Papparaidu at right) suffered a nasal bone fracture, swollen jaw and several bruises while Papparaidu's right arm was broken and shoulder dislocated.

Ganapathi, a former Hindraf leader once detained under the Internal Security Act, claimed the attackers were unhappy with him and Papparaidu for organising the MIV rally last Sunday that attracted 1,000 Indians to voice their support for Pakatan Rakyat.

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