Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cops at line up 'too old', says assaulted reporter

A reporter who said he was beaten up by about eight police officers during the Bersih 3.0 rally and had to be hospitalised was called to an identification parade today - but he could not identify any assailant.

Speaking to reporters after leaving the half-hour identification parade at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters, Radzi Razak said all 20 police officers at the parade were too old, unlike those involved in assaulting him.

NONEThe reporter from theSun said this was despite him stating in his witness statement that the perpetrators were all "young" and having told investigating officer ASP Kamarul Rizan after the ID parade to look for suspects below 30 years of age.

Radzi said he would be called for another identification parade on Friday next week.

"I hope these things will end soon because it has been quite long since the reporters were harassed by the authorities. We know that the police are doing their job, but reporters are doing their job too," Radzi said.

No grudge against the police

He was accompanied by his lawyer Vijayalakshmi NR Pillai during the identification process, which started about 3.15pm.

Radzi said he does not hold any grudge against the police, but wants to ensure that reporters can do their job without interference from any party.

radzi razak najib 290412He said he could identify one or two of the police officers who assaulted him, and appealed for witnesses who could also assist to come forward.

Razdi said he was beaten up near Dataran Merdeka about 7pm on April 28, and was one of two reporters who were hospitalised in the aftermath of the pro-electoral reform rally.

He reported back to work on May 9, after an 11-day medical leave to treat a broken jaw and other injuries.

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