Tuesday 29 May 2012

Consumerist: Honest Saifuddin Does It Again!

I have known him for quite some time now.

He has always stood for honest truth and his dedication for fair play is exemplary!

As such, I am not surprised that he had broken ranks and argued that the Bersih 3.0 rally did not involve communist elements or an attempt to topple the government!

He is reported to have stated his deep seeded belief in his well read column in a Malay daily Sinar Harian today

Saifuddin’s statements certainly rubbishes the kind of statements that bordered on stupidity, irrationality and blatant lies confirming the widely accepted perception that the incumbents refuse to look at the wider and broader picture, refuse holistic and tangible change that today’s voters want, not the ‘same old same old abuse and corrupt ways’ under all kinds and forms of justification that do not hold water any longer in a political context and world order that has changed drastically for the better!

Now, within the next few days one can expect agent provocateurs, apple polishers, political adventurers and political opportunists to take to the street condemning him, calling for his resignations and burning perhaps his effigy?

Perhaps, we may see another round of a butt protest or worst ‘NGOs’ or others masquerading as underprivileged traders assembling in front of his home to protest and also call for him to ‘repent’?

Perhaps the same treatment will also be experienced by Independent pollster Merdeka Center today who also defended the accuracy of its recent voter survey against the Election Commission’s (EC) criticisms, and reminded the authority that the same methodology was used to rate the prime minister’s popularity.

The truth is it is sad that we cannot accept criticism, we cannot tolerate dissent and to be told the old ways do not work any longer and that things must change!

The ‘old farts of Malaysian politics’ – those with huge baggage and others holding political office unelected just refuse ‘stand down’ from offering themselves for GE13 seats and  acknowledge that things have changed for the better despite their former dictatorial rule and abuse!

Interesting, decent Saifuddin’s comments also rubbishes the statements and comments of three of the nation’s former top cops namely Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor, Musa Hassan and Hanif Omar who all cited the BERSIH move as an attempted coup!

I am certain that all Malaysians are still waiting for them to justify their strange inexplicable statement which were carried extensively by what was perceived was a ‘cowed press!’

Interestingly, whether he meets my learned friends at the Malaysian Bar or not – it is now completely untenable for Hanif Omar, my senior at the University to continue as head of any probe, if it expects acceptance, legitimacy that is founded on impartiality, good governance, accountability, transparency and ethical values that are universally upheld – period!

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