Monday 2 April 2012

Najib clueless about meaning of interfaith

YOURSAY 'Najib only has the elections in mind and will say anything to secure support, but he stands for nothing - not even his 1Malaysia.'

Walk your talk, interfaith group tells Najib

your sayOnyourtoes: Obviously Umno-BN leaders are working on the assumption that they no longer need the support of non-Malays/non-Muslims.

I not only find the term ‘Christianisation' offensive, the way the word ‘pluralism' is used in the title of the Johor Education Department's seminar is also offensive to me.

They are effectively saying they see different races, cultures, languages and religions as a potential threat to their beliefs. Can't they see Malaysia is all about pluralism?

And what about the word ‘liberalism' in the title too? Surely liberalism is not free sex but freeing our people from serfdom, religious bondage, poverty and ignorance. How would anyone have any problem with that?

Sadirah: Come on PM Najib Razak, you talk big during the interfaith harmony week but you do not have the spine to take a stand.

Why should we support a PM who stands up for nothing, except giving money and conveying the perception that he is the prime minister for all Malaysians?

He only has the elections in mind and will say anything to secure support, but he stands for nothing - not even his 1Malaysia.

Just because his father was PM does not mean that Najib is also PM material, and what I have seen of him disappoints me.

He seems to be all things to all people and has no courage because his own hands are dirty and he has too many skeletons in his closet.

Gen2: Najib is speaking with a forked tongue and a straight face. This is a good example that Felda settlers should note before they sign the form pledging support for Felda Global Ventures Holdings' listing.

Disbeliever: Najib is the Father of Slogans. His visit to the Vatican was nothing more than eyewash and to project himself abroad as a liberal Muslim, and that Malaysia is a moderate Muslim country.
However, events that have been popping up time and again seem to be aimed at sowing the seeds of fear among the Muslims that Christianity is the No 1 threat and that Muslims should protect the sanctity of Islam at all cost.

Does God (in whatever form we perceive him to be) want us to be at war with our fellow brethren (whatever their religion) masked in the call of ‘jihad' (holy war)?

We don't hear of other religions, be it Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sikhism, etc, that call on us to fear the other as a threat.

I believe Islam is a great religion but its followers are using God's name in vain by interpreting the holy book to suit their needs. In general, I would like to ask: is God a god of love or a god of war?

GXFC: This failed government needs a scapegoat, just like the Nazis blamed the Jews, Najib blames Christians.

Anonymous #35113156: I hope the Christians in this country (that makes up close to 10 percent) know what to do come GE13. My Christian brothers and sisters, it is time to step out of your passive and accommodating ways of thinking.

They have pushed us up against the wall with this accusation. Vote out this extremely racist and a religious bigot of a government.

Najib talks about 1Malaysia this, 1Malaysia that, but when something like this - which is very much against his 1Malaysia concept - emerged, he keeps quiet for fear of losing support and power.

That speaks volumes of the type of person he is, doesn't it?

Anthony Chan: All the parties in BN are responsible for this and other irresponsible acts of sowing discord among the Malaysian people for their own selfish benefits.

Only those who do not want to see cannot see, and those do not want to hear cannot hear. It's time for all Malaysian to wake up and vote for our future in the coming election.

Wanderer: Surprisingly or as expected, all the component parties in the BN coalition are stone silent. MCA president Chua Soi Lek, are you still drunk with hudud laws?

Tpn: The MCCBCHST should just say that they have no trust in the PM. Be firm. The other component parties of BN are of no use.

Jalal: To the members of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST), you talk too much and you deserve to get what is coming to you.
You always like to suck up to the BN. You have no power to voice the matter, and your voice rouses no fear in the BN. If you want to be relevant, then make sure the government listens to your voice and fears your call.

Don't Just Talk: For the coming 13th general election, MCCBCHST should issue a statement calling on rational non-Malays to throw their vote behind Pakatan Rakyat and replace the rotten, corrupt Umno-BN government.

The non-Malays should have no fear voting for PAS as the Islamic party being a partner of Pakatan, have to listen to the views of PKR and DAP.
This is unlike Umno, the party that makes all the major/minor national policy decisions and have them rubber-stamped at the BN supreme council meeting.

That is the reason why MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc, are known as toothless parties.

Anomnim: If Najib behaves like this before an election, you can only imagine what he will do to you after the election.

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