Monday, 2 April 2012

Has Najib given up the Christian vote?

YOURSAY 'Poor little rich Najib, he has nothing concrete to offer the Malaysian public, except a few meaningless slogans.'

Bishop lauds call to PM to end 'deafening silence'

your sayDemocrat: Prime Minister Najib Razak's bluff has been called. It is there for all to see that he has never been serious about his 1Malaysia, his ‘nambikei', his warm meetings with the interfaith group and his promises and all.

To the BN component party leaders - Pairin Kitingan, Bernard Dompok, Chua Soi Lek, Koh Tsu Koon, G Palanivel, S Subramaniam, Maglin Dennis D'Cruz, Idris Jala, Kenneth Eswaran, and all the other followers of Najib and Umno - can't you all see the impact of this silence from the PM regarding the seminar organised by the Johor Education Department?

You are all supporters of Najib and it is time to look into the mirror and ask yourself - are we being led by the nose?

Najib cannot prevent Utusan Malaysia, Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and Jati chief Hasan Ali from spewing their venom, and that is why MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan have all lost in the elections.

Please wake up and stop this nonsense called 1Malaysia, which only favours the Umno thugs.

Anonymous_3f55: Interfaith group MCCBCHST (Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism) should just boycott Najib.

You should not attend any of his lunches or dinner invites. Whenever these meetings are arranged, they are just meant to be an eyewash.

The PM has no guts whatsoever to tell anyone off, that is why we have the likes of Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Hasan Ali, Ibrahim Ali and the mother of all them, Utusan Malaysia, in particular the writers disguised as Awang Selamat.

Kgen: Has Najib given up the Christian vote? Does the PM knows that there are many Christians in his so-called safe deposit states of Sabah and Sarawak?

They don't even need the mainstream media to get the message, the message to vote against BN can be delivered from the pulpit.

Anonymous #88568176: Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing has said it short and sweet, that Najib is indeed a liar, who indulges in political outsourcing to instill fear into Muslims and Malays with his ‘3R' strategy (race, religion and royalty).

While mouthing generalities publicly in a way each side of this intentionally driven divide can assume to its advantage, Najib tries to hold lunches to soft peddle niceties to non-Muslim entities.

How long can this go on? And what long-term damage can this do?

Ruben: Your grace, I too very much feel the same. It is not only saddening, cruel but the hypocrisy showed by our PM, DPM and home minister is so obvious.

Najib asked the Indians for ‘nambikei' (trust). But how can people trust him when he behaves like this? Silence is consent.

It is really sickening that the other racially-based parties of BN cannot even condemn and stop seditious acts like what Hasan Ali gets away with, or what Perkasa gets away with.

It is not Islam that is the culprit, it is Umno and our non-Umno BN leaders don't have the guts to counter them and defend their faiths. Only PAS truly espouses true Islamic values, and thank God for them.

Pick-a-bone: Najib dares not even ask Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to step down, so it is folly to think he is going to ask religious zealots like Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali to stop their Christian-bashing.

It is like asking the Taliban to change their mindset and allow their women to go and play football in public for all and sundry to watch.

Poor little rich Najib, he has nothing concrete to offer the Malaysian public, except a few meaningless slogans.

Fairgo: The entire BN leadership is one of deceit, lies and forked tongues. And it is a daily affair, coming out continuously, shamelessly and treating the people with more and more blatant lies, guttural accusations via the controlled media.

And they really think the rakyat will vote for such leaders. They must surely know they are mistaken.

Cocomomo: Malaysians, Muslim and non-Muslim, must work together for an equitable just Malaysia.

Extremists from both sides should be shunned and made to feel unwanted until they repent and moderate their views. We should learn to live in harmony despite our ethnic and religious differences.

No one knows who is right when it comes to matters of faith though we each will hold dearly to our own faiths - that does not make it right for us to criticise the faith of others.

Those who fear so much that another religion can influence their fellow believers, must do much soul searching as to why they have such fears.

Is it they themselves have doubts about their faith that they fear others of their faith will convert? And why do they insult others of their own faith by doubting the faith of these people?

At the end of the day, your faith is between you and your god. So let us leave each to his own beliefs as long as he does not harm others or cause public disorder.

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