Tuesday 3 April 2012

Can someone shut Hasan Ali up? — Kamal Amzan

APRIL 3 — We now have Ibrahim Ali the second.

According to Datuk Hasan Ali, “Westernisation and modernisation brings hedonism, the desire to be entertained without limits.” This is why it is easy to convert Muslims to Christianity.

Let me put on record that he does not speak for me, my family and my patients. In fact, I’m not sure who he is speaking for, and can only opine who he should be speaking to. Perhaps a psychiatrist from the comfort of Kamunting town, that was the home for so many gazetted “enemies of the state.”

Since when are Christians associated with materialism and liberalism? And before he puts his big foot in his even bigger mouth, on what basis did he make this accusation?

Why can’t he point his pointless gun at Astro, Indonesian sinetrons, Jom Heb*h concert by a local TV station instead? Don’t they promote Westernisation, modernisation and liberty?

The government should either take his words and put them into action by investigating and acting on his claims, or silence him for creating a storm in his small teacup. Letting him go without even a slap on the wrist speaks volumes of intolerance, and the death of the government’s 1 Malaysia effort.

It is unbecoming of a politician to speak without facts, proof, what more when it involves issues and topics relating to religion in a multi-religious country that promotes moderation and tolerance.

Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism are not a threat to Islam, but people who are insensitive are. They cast a bad image not only onto the religion but to the billions of Muslims worldwide.

It is ridiculous not to expect conversion between religions among the 28 million Malaysians. We are humans, with independent minds and ability to discern what is best for us.

To punish those who convert away from Islam, while debatable as it is, shouldn’t be at the expense of other religions. We Muslims can think, and insinuating that we are at the mercy of the Christians is the highest insult anyone can dish out to us.

We are all responsible for our own actions. And it is time to make Hasan Ali responsible for his.

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