Sunday 25 March 2012

A prelude to GE, send in the clowns

VOXPOP 'As the winds of war gather strength, political opportunists like Nallakaruppan are having a field day resorting to plying their infamous trade...'

Nalla to Anwar: See you in court

vox populi small thumbnailChuath: We have more important things to worry about - like corrupt police, wastage of public funds, illegal immigrants, graduates who are unemployable, etc, etc - than waiting with bated breath to see PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim's private photos.

I wish they would use their money to plant more trees in Kuala Lumpur instead of putting up front-page advertisements for a character assassination campaign.

Anonymous: What a shame. I pay taxes to put scums like senators S Nallakaruppan, Ezam Mohd Nor and Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in Parliament. Najib, please return the tax money I have paid.

Trueglitter: As the winds of war gather strength on our horizon at the approach of the next GE, political opportunists like Nalla are having a field day resorting to plying their infamous trade, a profession Nalla is well adept at, by resorting to and indulging in character assassination of especially Anwar.

The embittered and treacherous turncoat is well-known for his ambitious greed for power and position, even when he was with Anwar, and it was mainly due to his inconsolable disappointment at not being given a high position in the party that had caused him to abandon ship, and hopefully in the process be courted by the BN and be Najib's favourite lapdog.

Alongside with the obnoxious and much-despised Nalla, the rakyat will once again be treated to a tantalising floor show of sorts by the political harlot of Umno, Ummi Hafilda, who has promised to bare all - not her own bodily self though - but of Anwar's alleged misdeeds upon the announcement of the election date by her political master, Najib.

Anonymous: The goal is to create doubt in the minds of Pakatan Rakyat supporters. Is it true? Is it not? But here's a question we need to ponder - why are they not equally questioning the morally questionable leader of the corrupt and crony-infested Umno-BN?

So when these trio go about their poo-pooing, and the fact is that their agenda seems very personal and nothing to do about the nation, we who are in doubt, need to disregard them as ultimately, Najib's and Anwar's sexuality will not determine our economic and family's future.

It's corruption and cronyism that will destroy us.

Inspektor Klueso: Firstly, the fact that Nalla chose to do the press conference at Perkasa's HQ says it all. Secondly, his ‘senatorship' is the second giveaway as to his sponsorship.

Lastly, we don't give a rats arse about Anwar's sexuality, as long as he delivers justice, transparency and democracy to the long suffering rakyat.

Scandal-ridden BN on the ropes?

Kairos: To Neil Khor's five problems, let me add two more.

Firstly, the constant harassment of Christians by religious Islamic zealots is counterproductive to the BN cause. The lack of rebuke and, in fact, the tacit support of some Umno top guns on the raids and the anti-Christian rallies send the message that the Christian vote is unimportant.

Secondly, the untimely emergence of interest in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case here and the forthcoming judicial enquiry in France is a huge headache to BN.

People are moved by the brutality of the murder and are of the opinion that there is as yet no just closure of the case in spite of the court judgment. People feel that somebody big is being protected here.

Blind Freddo: It is fine to talk about all these scandals as though BN's loss is a foregone conclusion. But the author forgets that Malaysians are immune to scandal. They are exposed to a constant barrage of scandals and they know nothing will be done about them.

There is no clear evidence that Pakatan will do anything serious about addressing all these. You also can't expect elected politicians to spend the next five years sniffing out the crimes of BN, although that seems to be all they are capable of doing.

The second point that is conveniently overlooked is that Umno/Islam have been working for generations to keep the Malays downtrodden, ignorant and dependent on the officers of Islam to tell them what to do, and those in turn will tell them what Umno wants to tell them.

Add to all that the tactics of the Elections Commission (EC) and you have an almost foregone guarantee that BN will win.

Plus it's time someone started talking about what will happen if BN does lose and they fail to step down gracefully. BN leaders have been shown to have no regard for ethics or principles, and they have the police and the armed forces eating out of their hand.

On top of all that negativity, there is the most negative aspect of this campaign, that Pakatan has offered nothing to Malaysians to show what their future will be.

You commented that many people are surprised that Pakatan has held together so long. The answer is Malaysian greed and Malaysian lust for power. That's all they are after and that's why they have no philosophy, because they cannot agree on anything other than Anything But Umno (ABU).

A nation governed on that basis is guaranteed to fail. But Malaysians seem to be as unaware of that as they are unaware that they haven't a clue and don't care what they are voting for apart from ABU.

Not Convinced: So Blind Freddo, what's your answer? Vote for more of the same? Didn't someone say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

Yes, Pakatan is not perfect. But shouldn't citizens be better served when there is real competition between political parties? We need a two-party system. And the only way to achieve that is to vote BN out of power, at least for one or two terms.

And should Pakatan fail to deliver, something which you are so certain of, we can always bring back BN.

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