Sunday 25 March 2012

Even in an assault case, its someone else’s fault — Aziz Zainal

MARCH 25 — Is there a pattern here? It does seem odd that for the second time Mohamad Nedim Nazri Aziz is “allegedly” involved in an incident that has become public knowledge, it was someone else at fault. It happened at Darren Kang’s death in Desa Sri Hartamas and now the assault of a security guard in the posh Mont Kiara area.

Once again, it took a few days for the police to “clear” the air in the latest case that happened on Tuesday night. According to the son’s bodyguard, the 50-year-old security supervisor attacked him and he was forced to respond in self-defence. The supervisor alleged otherwise.

Now that would be reasonable if the body guard is a midget but the men around Nedim are strong, young and strapping guys. And they can fill an MPV as they did that Tuesday night when escorting the son of a minister to the Mont Kiara condominium. 

The Star reported that Brickfields district police chief ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said”it is a clear cut case” involving the security guard and Mohamad Nedim’s bodyguard. 

“This is a minor case. We have already forwarded the investigation papers to the DPP (deputy public prosecutor). I do not know why and how another person (Mohamad Nedim) was dragged into this,’’ the English daily quoted him as saying of the case being investigated under Section 160 of the Penal Code for committing affray. 

How convenient. 

See, quite a number of issues about this incident is troubling, not the least the vehicles which the younger Nazri has: a Porsche sports car, MPV ... and well, he also has a Hummer, an Audi sports car among others. 

I wonder how he can afford those cars given that his father earns RM15,000 a month as a minister. Oh yes, RM15,000 a month is the rental of his apartment in Damansara Heights. 

I suppose the cops or someone else is going to say that the vehicles don’t belong to him but to his security guard! That won’t be a surprise to anyone. 

However, we live in a modern world where the police must be seen to be impartial. If it is true that Mohamad Nedim is innocent, that is fine. But the facts of the case appear to show otherwise. An older man arguing with a group of body guards because he was apparently rude in asking them to register themselves to enter the condominium. 

No one is above the law and the police should know that. In this case, as in the earlier case involving Nazri junior, that seems to have slipped their mind. I hope for justice to prevail for everyone, including the security supervisor.

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