Wednesday 28 March 2012

'Assailant' dares Wee to sacrifice rooster

A senior citizen, who believes he is being accused of having tried to assault Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong, has denied any violent conduct on his part during last Sunday's Chinese education rally.

NONELee Siak Taa, 60, today lodged a police report on the matter, to explain that he was merely giving Wee the thumbs-down gesture and did not assault the minister.

The senior citizen is also challenging Wee to take part in a cockerel sacrificing ritual in order to prove that he is not lying.

Contacted today, Dong Zong deputy president Chow Siew Hong said Lee had met his organisation’s officials this morning to explain himself.

Dong Zong officials later accompanied Lee to a nearby police station to lodge a report. His statement was later recorded.

Met later, Lee admits to scolding and heckling Wee over his failures and sticking his arm out to give the minister a thumbs-down.

‘Did not raise fist’

However, Lee was adamant that he never raised a clenched fist, as claimed by Wee.

“After lodging the police report, Lee challenged Wee to slay a cockerel at the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple (near Central Market) together with him for Wee to swear and prove his innocence,” said Lee.

The sacrificing of a white cockerel by two parties in front of the deity’s altar is a tradition used to prove innocence. Devotees believe that harm will befall those who lie during this ritual.

NONELee is a retiree who was brought to the rally by a friend, but ended up being photographed within close proximity to Wee when the deputy minister was wading through a hostile crowd.

Wee was photographed touching his left cheek after the close brush with Lee. The minister later claimed he was assaulted by someone who raised a clenched fist.

Despite police claiming that Wee was not assaulted, the deputy minister insists that he did feel a touch and could clearly identify the would-be assailant.

However, Wee said he would not lodge a police report because he forgives the attacker and would prefer to let the matter rest.

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