Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Guan Eng: Umno, Perkasa members attacked reporters at anti-Lynas rally

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 29 — Lim Guan Eng claimed today Umno and Perkasa members attacked and injured members of the press at an anti-Lynas rally in Penang on Sunday.

The Penang chief minister, who filed a police report yesterday over alleged threats against him by members of the two organisations, added today that the same people attacked two reporters who had to seek treatment at the Penang General Hospital.

“Two journalists from Kwong Wah Jit Poh, Chew Seng Tun dan Lee Hong Chun, were beaten and injured.
“This is the second time journalists and members of the public have been threatened by Umno and Perkasa troublemakers without any stern action from the police,” he wrote in an open letter to Inspector General Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar.

Sunday’s rally in Penang was held in solidarity with Himpunan Hijau 2.0 in Kuantan. — file pic
The DAP secretary general said that on July 1 last year, two reporters were beaten by Umno and Perkasa demonstrators at Komtar and the Penang Bridge with no subsequent action by the police to date. Lim alleged that the threats and attacks were made at the Speakers’ Corner in Padang Kota Lama, Penang where about 100 Umno and Perkasa members had tried to disrupt the rally protesting against Lynas Corp’s rare earth plant in Kuantan.

“They used foul language, curse words and racial epithets such as ‘Cina babi, Penang Cina bodoh, babi sokong Lim Guan Eng ketua menteri’.

“The Umno Perkasa members surged forward, pointing their fists at me, again using racist language and threatening words like ‘you jaga’,” he said in a statement yesterday.
Sunday’s rally in Penang was held in solidarity with Himpunan Hijau 2.0 in Kuantan, which saw thousands turn up to demonstrate against the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng, some 25km from the east coast city.

He added in his letter to the police chief today that “it is clear the behaviour of policemen who kept silent and did not stop the attacks on Penang citizens is unacceptable.”

“I hope stern action will be taken by the police on the guilty parties and such incidences will not be repeated in Penang.”


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