Wednesday 14 September 2011

PAS: More than 10,000 'fake voters' taken off polls roll

More than 10,000 voters with 'fake MyKad' have been removed from the electoral roll in just two months, says Johor PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat, who has been harping on flaws in the electoral roll.

At a press conference held at PAS headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today, Suhaizan said the party's Youth wing has detected this major change in the electoral roll by monitoring the Election Commission's (EC) website.

NONEAccording to him, the voters removed were those sharing the same name but with slightly different MyKad numbers.

Suhaizan (left) showed reporters screen capture images of the EC website, with the changes recorded.

"Here, we show you just 10 examples. Actually we found more than 10,000 of such cases."

Suhaizan pointed out that the EC's decision to remove these names was a clear sign that the MyKad numbers listed in the roll were fake.

He therefore called on the EC and National Registration Department, which manages the MyKad, to answer these four questions:
  • The EC only registers individuals after verifying their names in the NRD database through the Agency Link-up System (Alis). However, when we object to certain names, EC will check with NRD and remove the names from electoral roll only if they are not in the NRD database. So how is it that those names, which initially existed in the NRD database, went missing after our objection?
  • How did NRD determine the validity of the 10,000 cases and remove their records in just two months? How does it determine whether an identity is valid or invalid?
  • It is not easy for NRD to go to the ground and identify invalid identities in just two months. So, the question is, whether it has already prepared a list of fake MyKad numbers to be inserted into the electoral roll in order to manipulate elections? Is NRD involved in the manipulation of fake MyKad?
  • If PAS Youth can identify more than 10,000 fake MyKad holders registered as voters without having access to the NDR database, what is the real number of fake MyKad issued by NRD?

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