Monday 12 September 2011

Mat Zain: Musa, Gani duped Dr M into sacking Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim's 1998 conviction for abuse of power was wrong as the prosecution had concocted evidence and cheated through the actions of then investigating officer Musa Hassan and then lead prosecutor Abdul Gani Patail.
This was revealed in another open letter, sent to Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar today, by former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim.

musa hassan pc 021107 mediaMat Zain states that Musa (left) and Gani had done this for their joint benefit. Both had risen in ranks, with Musa becoming the police chief and Gani, the attorney-general. Musa retired recently.

"It is not wrong to say the jail term Anwar faced is an injustice to him as a result of both their (Musa's and Gani's) actions. I am basing this argument on documentary evidence and statements that I have and are within my knowledge," he said in the letter.

"I am also saying this because there are important statements made by (former prime minister) Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Chapter 53 of his memoirs 'Doctor in the House' on the black eye incident, and the actions by the public prosecutor are different from what I have in the official case files of 1998.

"I believe that Mahathir was given a wrong briefing and he had been manipulated."

Mat Zain was directly involved in issues regarding Anwar in 1998.
"I have confronted and interacted with the main players in this matter, including Mahathir, Gani, Musa, and Anwar, besides the commissioners in the Royal Commission of Inquiry in the black eye incident," he said.
'Blood sample was stolen'

NONEMat Zain explained how Musa and former Malacca police chief Mohd Rodwan Yusof (left) had in 1998 "stolen" Anwar's blood sample from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) doctor Dr Zahari Noor following the black eye incident.

"Zahari had also testified to that effect in Anwar's abuse of power trial before the late Justice Augustine Paul on Dec 30, 1998," he said.

"Musa still owes a public explanation as to what he had briefed Mahathir on, resulting in the then prime minister believing Anwar was involved in unnatural sex and non-matrimonial sex. Musa was pressed (or pressured) to gather DNA evidence, resulting in him stealing the blood sample.
"At that time, Anwar had already been charged in court and was awaiting his trial. By right, the process of gathering the initial evidence should have been completed."

He also said Mahathir had no role in the fabrication of evidence as this was done by Musa and Gani.

"Mahathir had advised, and warned, in my meeting with him at the Prime Minister's Department on Oct 8, 1998, to brief him on the police investigations (regarding the black-eye incident).

NONE"He warned that there should be no cover up. I noted that in my diary and I extended the advice and directive to other senior police officers that same day, and also to Gani two days later.

"Hence, based on the evidence before me, I would like to state and stress that Gani (right) and Musa had cheated and fabricated evidence on Anwar for their own benefit, unless they can both prove the involvement of a third party."

Mat Zain said he wants Musa to explain whether his action of "stealing" Anwar's blood sample was within the law and sanctioned by Mahathir or whether he (Musa) had done it on his own initiative to justify the case in the briefing he had with the former premier.

He explained that the fact that Musa went to meet Zahari on Anwar's blood sample for DNA testing on Oct 10, 1998, was sufficient for the people to conclude that the senior investigating officer did not have complete evidence when he briefed Mahathir.
'Najib knows about abuses by Gani and Musa'

Mat Zain also stated that the "theft" of Anwar's blood sample for DNA testing by Musa and Rodwan was done on Oct 15, 1998.
The two had also allegedly fabricated the forensic evidence gathered by Dr Abdul Rahman Yusof on Oct 26, 1998, to produce three other medical reports to show that Anwar "injured himself" (in the black eye incident).

Both episodes, he said, were carried out under the orders and supervision of Gani before the start of Anwar's 'abuse of power' trial, which began on Nov 11, 1998.

Mat Zain said he has also received information that two persons met with current premier Najib Abdul Razak to suggest that action be taken against Gani and Musa.

This, he said, was because their "crimes" were affecting the country and had also diminished the trust of the people in government institutions.

"However Najib is seen as not prepared to take action against them and he (Najib) is the only person who knows why. Maybe he is waiting for the right time," Mat Zain added.

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