Friday 19 August 2011

'Probe Umno's role in Jais-church affair'

Selangor PAS Youth today urged the state government to investigate claims that “Umno's hidden hand” was behind the search of a church by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) earlier this month.

NONESelangor PAS Youth chief Hasbullah Mohd Ridzwan told reporters in Shah Alam that a probe is imperative following PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali's allegation of Umno's involvement.

Among the reasons for PAS' suspicion are the leaks of the much anticipated Jais report on the incident and a recording of what had happened at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) that night by pro-BN bloggers.

Mustafa also listed the harsh criticism by pro-BN parties received by the state government immediately after the incident as a factor pointing to a likely Umno involvement.

“We are seeking that the state government take appropriate action following these claims,” he said after handing over a memorandum to Selangor exco member in charge of Islamic affairs Hasan Ali on the matter.
The memorandum, signed by Hasbullah, stated the state wing's serious concern over Mustafa's allegations of Umno hands in the Jais operation on DUMC.

It called for an in-depth investigation into the claims by the state government, stressing that it must be looked at from various angles so as to enable the government to take the relevant action.

The memorandum also stated Selangor PAS Youth's support for legal action by Jais if it is proven that there were efforts to proselytise Muslims at the event.

'Prove your claim'

Selangor Umno, meanwhile, demanded that Mustafa furnish proof to back up his claim, calling him and his party hypocrites that have no interest in defending Islam.

Selangor Umno information chief Abdul Shukor Idrus said he was “unsurprised” by Mustafa's allegations against them, accusing PAS of using the same old tactic of passing the buck.

“I am not surprised at all because everything that is said by PAS and its lackeys, whatever that can save them, they will aim at Umno and BN,” he said when contacted by Malaysiakini.

“We want him to prove it. What's the point of rattling away like an empty can.”

Abdul Shukor, who is also Kuang state assemblyperson, accused PAS of being drunk on power to the point that they have lost the plot.

“When cases like this (Jais raid) happen, it is clear they are not aware. They can even gang up against Jais, demanding Jais to hand in a report and the like.

“This is the true face of PAS... they constantly preach but are not even aware (of claims) that Muslims are being proselytised,” he said.

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