Wednesday 10 August 2011

More 'clone voters' detected in electoral roll

First there were 'phantom voters', then 'permanent resident voters' - and now, more 'clones voters' have appeared in the electoral roll.

At least seven voters have been found to have a 'clone' in the electoral roll, having been registered under the same name and old identity card (IC) number, but with a different MyKad number.

NONEAccording to information obtained from the Election Commission (EC) online verification system, the names appear twice in the electoral roll, raising the question of whether they can vote twice in an election.

In one case, where the old IC number of 1479323 was entered in the 'family members verification system' page, it returned two entries under the name Sa'ad bin Samsudin, but with different MyKad numbers - 380913105681 and 510913105553 - and a different registered address.

The website showed that both entries have the same old IC number and are registered in the same parliamentary constituency - Titiwangsa, a seat won by Dr Lo' Lo' Mohd Ghazali from PAS, who passed away last month.
A check with National Registration Department (NRD) online system, which allows the public to check the status of identification documents, showed that the first MyKad number (380913105681) exists in NRD database but there is no record of the second (510913105553).

Titiwangsa PAS Youth chief Mohamad Suhaimi Abdul Aziz said the wing has found four similar cases in the constituency, involving:
1. Shodah binti Abdul Rahman
Old IC: 4802777
First entry: MyKad 55062005580 valid in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa
Second entry: MyKad 560620055412 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa

2. Mohamad bin Ismail
Old IC: 8370614
First entry: MyKad 540405025757 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa
Second entry: MyKad 540405025095 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa

3. Anderson a/l P Arputhanathan
Old IC: A0831847
First entry: MyKad 671117106499 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa
Second entry: MyKad 671117105963 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa

4. Chellamah a/p Murugesu
Old IC: 7877951
First entry: MyKad 491006045672 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa
Second entry: MyKad 491006015094 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa
Two other cases
Acting on tip-offs from readers, Malaysiakini detected another two such voters registered in Perak and Terengganu.

NONEThe first - Mohd Rashid bin Ismail (old IC: 6397062) - has two entries in the Taiping parliamentary constituency (MyKad: 620108086991) and the neighbouring parliamentary constituency of Bukit Gantang (MyKad: 620108086713) respectively.

When both MyKad numbers were entered into the NRD online system, the result showed that the first card had been collected while the second is ready for collection at the Kuala Lumpur NRD office.

The second voter - Sulong bin Jalil (old IC: 6290844) - has two entries registered in the Ajil state seat under the Hulu Terengganu parliamentary constituency, but with different MyKad numbers - 611110015143 and 611110115371.
The NRD website showed that both MyKad had been collected.

These cases add to a claim last month by PKR Indera Mahkota MP Azan Ismail that he had found more that 60 voters with a double identity in the electoral roll.

Fake MyKad involved?

In a statement, Suhaimi said these cases are sufficient to prove that there is an organised effort nationwide to allow certain voters to vote twice.

NONE"How can the NRD register the same old IC number and name for two different individuals? Or perhaps the same individual has two different MyKad? How can the EC accept this mistake without validating the name list provided?" posed Suhaimi.

He urged the authorities to remove all these names found in Titiwangsa, investigate their identity and withdraw their MyKad if they were found to have more than one.

"It is possible that fake MyKads were issued to these voters to allow them to vote twice. This is because some of the MyKad do not exist in the NRD list," said Suhaimi.

He added that a police report would be lodged if these voters were found to have two different MyKad.

is attempting to contact the Election Commission and the NRD for comments.

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