Saturday 6 August 2011

Christian plots: First Penang, now S'gor

'Police, we are still waiting for the outcome of the investigation in Penang. Don't think that we have forgotten about it.'

Bishop Paul tells Jais - prove it or apologise

David Dass: There are those who are bent on pitting race against race and religion against religion. Even if there are some who evangelise, that does not mean that Christians as a whole show no respect for Islam or that there is a Christian conspiracy to Christianise Malaysia.

We must decide as Malaysians the direction we must go as a nation. We can choose to bleed the nation dry with internecine strife. Or we can resolve as we did before, respecting one another without interfering with the way each of us practices our faith.

Christians believe in the truths revealed in their Holy Books just as Muslims believe in the truths revealed in their Holy Books. Similarly with the others. All religions emphasise good conduct. All religions reject evil. Killing is wrong as is stealing and adultery and rape. These are values that are common to all religions.

So we can take a positive view of all religions and move on. The problem with organisations like Jais is that they have to justify their existence.

Ferdtan: Police, many months have passed: what's the outcome of the investigation of the alleged Christian plot in Penang to take over Islam as the official religion?

If it is not true then charge the bloggers, Utusan Malaysia and one ex-DAP member for making false accusations to incite unrest in the country. We are still waiting for the outcome of the investigation. Don't think that we have forgotten about it.

Compass: Most well said, Bishop Paul Tan. BN would certainly like this issue to remain unresolved until after the GE so that it can use such unsubstantiated allegations to scare the Muslims during the election campaign.

Disgusted: It's all political. PAS exco Hasan Ali, who was previously with Umno, is an Umno mole in Pakatan Rakyat. He must have been promised money and positions if BN secures Selangor in the next election.

PAS and Pakatan should put him in cold storage immediately before he can do any more damage to Selangor. In fact, he has been sidelined in PAS in the recent elections for office bearers. Why can't Pakatan replace him with another leader?

The sultan has to accept the decision whether he likes it or not although Jais (Selangor Islamic Affairs Department) comes under joint jurisdiction. Get rid of Hasan Ali before he can do more damage.

Not Confused: Everyone knows that Jais is controlled by Putrajaya and the state of Selangor is impotent against it.
Once again, everyone will look at the BN government and the PM in particular - one side of his mouth is talking about mutual respect and acceptance (rather than just tolerance), and the other side (directed at his so-called supporters) quietly supporting Jawi (Federal Territory of Islamic Affairs Department) and Jais.

The PM has lost all credibility when such incidents like this occur and there is a deafening silence from the powers behind these bigoted organisations. The BN has lost its right to govern any longer, and best of all, they know it.

Disbeliever: A most wise statement from His Lordship, Bishop Paul Tan. This bishop is indeed a modern-day Solomon. God bless you with good health so that you may continue to serve in his vineyard. Amen.

Dkay: They should ask the opinion of the archbishop who accompanied the PM to the Vatican.

Nik V: Well said, Bishop. There have been too many assumptions on which party is telling the truth. And we should never assume. It is a simple matter that can be solved by both the parties meeting and talking it out and extending apologies where due. And then move on.

We need to unify what BN has divided.

MB Khalid issues gag order on church raid

Malaysian Born: I think it is only fair for Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim to wait for the report but as the matter is public and is so openly an accusation, the proof and details or lack thereof must be made public.

If the action is not justifiable then this time there must be a clear indication of cause and effect. If this turns out to be another act of insensitivity, ignorance and incompetence as is expected, then all the senior officers of Jais and the police officers who approved the participation in the raid should be sacked. On this, there should be no wiggle room.

The people in Jais who were involved in the raid should be put on the carpet and made to understand the implication of their actions so that they will take their job more seriously - that stupidity and ignorance will be costly to their careers.

Onyourtoes: I think the gag order is not enough. We want the truth established. I think we are fed-up of being accused of this and that.

Each time an incident like this happens, the leaders would call for tolerance, mutual respect and harmony. Again, this is not enough. I think this is bullying and intolerance by certain people. So MB Khalid, you better direct your advice to the right people.

Also, it is not fair for you to just depend on Jais report. Jais is an interested party and has been accused of trespassing and high-handedness, so what 'fair' report can you expect from them?

Call up the Muslims present in DUMC (Damansara Utama Methodist Church) and check with them whether there was proselytisation going on. God helps this country if Muslims and non-Muslims can't even sit down to have a meal together.

Tino: Something puzzles me - why was the church so ignorant and careless to include the 15 Muslim guests in an enclosed church dinner in time of this highly sensitive moment when Christians are accused of seeking to change the country's official religion?

I am a non-Muslim. But don't you think the church too has to bear some responsibility as this is not an open-door kind of dinner?

Disgusted: For your information, Tino, the dinner was not organised by the church but by a non-profit organisation Harapan Komuniti. Harapan Komuniti is a community-based NGO that brings hope to the poor, needy and marginalised, regardless of race, language, religion or status.

The dinner was a multiracial thanksgiving celebration for a gathering of volunteers, leaders, supporters and members consisting of all races and religions and members of the community who have benefited from the NGO's work.

The occasion was to commemorate Harapan's efforts on numerous community projects, including with women and children, and victims of HIV/AIDS and natural disasters. They were lent the multi-purpose hall belonging to DUMC called Dream Centre, which is within the church compound.

The function was not entirely of church members and not a religious activity although some of the church members are members of Harapan. There was no reason for Jais to gate-crash the dinner.

FairMind: Seeking the sultan advice is a good strategy. There are photographs and videos taken by Jais.

If DUMC has committed any wrongdoing then they should be reprimanded seriously. If DUMC has not committed any wrongdoing, then heads have to roll, including Hasan Ali's and Jais's, as this cause of conflict among peace-loving Malaysians and the high-handedness of the raid without a search warrant is a dangerous precedence which undermines the freedom of worship guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.

Uttering the word 'Quran' and conducting thanksgiving prayers in the presence of people of other faiths are not wrongdoings. These practices are common at Muslims' functions.
Get the Selangor sultan to agree to the sacking of these individuals so that it will not become a political issue which could be played up by certain quarters according to their agenda.

Also come up with a guideline for all future actions by Jais so that there is certainty, fairness and to ensure that such a fiasco will not happen again.

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