Sunday 3 July 2011

Hisham, will Perkasa be outlawed too?

'Now Bersih is declared an outlaw body, expect the use of ISA/EO on its leaders to silence and kill the movement.'

Hisham declares Bersih an outlaw organisation

Bangsamalaysia: Bersih is a people's movement demanding for free and fair elections. The government accuses Bersih of trying to topple the government of the day. Can you see the connection?

Umno, the BN 'taikor' (big brother), is simply saying that if there were to be free and fair elections, Putrajaya will fall. And that is why they are going bananas over everything yellow.

Remember the Philippines? A woman in yellow toppled a corrupt government not too long ago...

Swipenter: Now Bersih is declared an outlaw body, expect the use of ISA/EO on the rally organisers and leaders to silence and kill the movement.

Umno is really shitting in their pants as July 9 draws near. Umno can slow down the people's movement against tyranny temporarily but will be unable to stop the people's hunger for free and fair elections.

Not Confused: Pathetic - there is no other word in the English language that can describe this brainless twit of a home minister. Hishammuddin Hussein has now even less credibility than he had before, which wasn't much.

If he and the other idiotic members of his corrupt and ridiculous government thinks that this will stop the public demonstration, then I have to tell them that they are wrong. All they are doing is prove that the march is needed now, more than ever.

What is going to be a peaceful demonstration will no doubt turn into chaos because of the actions of Perkasa, PDRM, and the other low life hangers-on. It is a shame that they don't study the way the major demonstrations in the UK were handled - professionally and without major incident - in the past few days.

Sadly, BN and the corrupt PDRM are not intelligent enough to see how democracy should work in the real world, which is not the mad-hatter's tea party type of environment they live in.

DannyLoHH: So a coalition of NGOs coming together to call for clean, free and fair election is outlawed. Yellow shirt is outlawed. The word Bersih is outlawed. What next?

The ruling regime is really going all out, using everything under its control to demonise the Bersih rally and to scare people off from joining the rally. More and more people are asking why the highhandedness.

The ruling regime by its action is showing that it fears the call for free and fair elections. That bags another question, why?

Geronimo: All Bersih want is fair and clean elections, and for this they are now branded like a terrorist organisation. OMG, how the little minds work.

In any case, should anything untoward happen to anyone in the Bersih's group, I hope the following will be hauled up before the ICC (International Criminal Court) - Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Najib Razak, Hishammuddin Hussein, Ibrahim Ali and those silat blokes.

Anonymous_401a: If that's the best way to stop the nonsensical rally, please do so. Always place the country's interest above all.

Anonymous_4135: Hishammuddin doesn't realise that Bersih is not an organisation. It is a movement, a voice, a cry in most Malaysians for an end to dirty elections. We want to bersihkan the electoral process so that government is elected legitimately.

Lim Chong Leong: Seeking free and fair elections is not toppling the government per se. It is only to topple an unfairly elected government. That is different. The former is seditious but the latter is a constitutional right.

Toppling the government through clean and fair elections is guaranteed by our constitution, quite distinct from for example, an armed rebellion seizing the Parliament House or Putrajaya.

Loyal Malaysian: It matters not! It has been expected! But we will walk, we shall walk with Bersih 2.0 even if it be in our hearts. And we shall hold Bersih's ideals close to our hearts, and when we next walk to the polling stations to exercise our democratic rights, we will remember to use our votes to punish those who have trampled on our civil liberties.

Quigonbond: I can never understand why this government persists on behaving in the stupidest manner possible. Bersih marches in the name of free and fair elections. By no stretch of imagination this is a threat to national security or causing public unease.

As amply demonstrated, KL people overwhelmingly object to yellow T-shirts being declared illegal and most said Bersih should go ahead. The only persons uneasy are BN, Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa.

Hishammuddin once again demonstrates the political hegemony of BN and corruption of all institutions of governance. Once again, the courts will have to declare that Hishammuddin's reasoning is sound, earning them further disrepute and infamy, confirming once and for all that they are partisan and cowardly.

Malaysia, supposedly a blessed nation, is now on the way to demise because of self-serving people in power.

ACR: But Perkasa is a registered body with its supreme council made up of so-called professors and Tan Sris and Datuks. Perkasa has called for May 13, has intimidated minorities and done violent acts like burning effigies, carry threatening banners and engaging in demagoguery. Yet, it is allowed to operate with impunity. Welcome to 1Malaysia.

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: This corrupt government is not our main problem here, it is our rotten system that corrupts any government that comes into office that requires immediate revamp.

Indeed Rome wasn't built overnight, so let's at least start rebuilding Malaysia tonight, shall we? But to do so, this corrupt government must first fall before any rehabilitation can even be permitted unto our already deplorable systems.

In an administration intoxicated by deception and oppression, not only truth and justice are today public enemies of the highest order, even the colour yellow is a national threat.

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