Saturday 11 June 2011

Take Penang CM's job offer, rep urges Dr Sim Kui Hian

Pending state assemblyperson Violet Yong Wui Wui has advised Dr Sim Kui Hian, who resigned as head of the Sarawak General Hospital's heart unit to contest as a Barisan Nasional candidate in the recent state elections, to take Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's job offer.

NONEHowever, Sim has rejected the offer, saying it is amounting to joining the DAP.

Yong (right) said today that Lim was willing to offer Sim, an internationally known heart surgeon, a job if Sarawak did not want to hire him.

“Penang's door is wide open,” Yong said, telling Sim to stop “moaning” that he is now jobless in an effort to win the people' s sympathy.

“Once or twice is enough and if it happens too many times, it does sound like the boy who cried wolf,” she said, referring to Sim's many statements that he was jobless and needed to find a job.

“I hope that Sim will stop feeling sorry for himself about having no job. He has made several statements after the elections, but he has been busy globe-trotting and that did not sound like a man with no job,” she said.

Sim lost to Yong in the Pending seat in the recent state election.

NONEYong also criticised Sim (left) for not willing to share his Kuching health metropolis proposal with the DAP.

“With the election over, I believe that those who were elected or those who lost should put aside their political differences and work together for the benefit of the people.

“After all, we vowed to be with the people and it was the voters who made their decision to choose their representatives,” she said, adding that whatever differences they might have, she believed that the voters deserve the best.

“Whatever the people's decision is, it has been made and it is for both sides of the political divide to help and care for the people,” she added.

Yong said it is distressing to know that Sim, in his public utterances, has claimed to have the people in his heart, but was looking down at the DAP.

She said when Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen asked him for the proposal of the Health Metropolis recently so that the DAP could help push forward the project, Sim had jeered the DAP in a Chinese press statement, questioning whether the party has the ability to implement it.

'People should come first'

“People should come first and if the project is good for them, DAP is more than willing to push for the government to turn it into a reality, unless what Sim was harping about on the Health Metropolis was just a gimmick to fish for votes during the election campaign.

“If he is sincere, then he can pass the proposal to us as there is no harm for the DAP to push the project ahead for the people. I hope that the proposal is not sitting in his cabinet collecting dust,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sim said he has no reason to let the DAP to have his proposal.

He said the proposal to set up a health metropolis was part of his election manifesto in the April 16 state election.

“There is no way I can let the DAP have it,” he said in an interview with a Chinese newspaper.

Sim also rejected the job offer by the Penang chief minister.

“If I accept the offer, it is just like joining the opposition. There is no way I want to be a DAP member,” he said.

“My heart is with SUPP as my whole family has been with the party since the time of my late father, the late Sim Kheng Hong, who was a deputy chief minister under Rahman Yaakub,” he said.

He said he will not change his loyalty from SUPP to DAP.

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