Sunday 5 June 2011

Mr. PM, both Utusan and Perkasa are laughing at you......

'Take action against Utusan Malaysia first before climbing on your high horse. Otherwise, your words are as empty as your 1Malaysia.'

PM warns those stoking racial and religious hatred

Louis: Prime Minister Najib Razak is warning those stoking racial and religious hatred? This could be the umpteenth time he is issuing such warning, but without taking any action.

Utusan Malaysia is spewing out racial remarks that sent chills down my spine and yet they were let off with a slap on the wrist. I shuddered at the thought of Ibrahim Ali's call to crusade against the Christians, and again there was no action.

What about the bloggers who claimed that DAP is bent on making the nation a Christian state? Aren't those statement seditious and warrant the arrest of the bloggers? There were too many incidences to list down. Najib's warnings are hollow and they know full well.

Kgen: Talk is cheap, Najib. Action speaks louder than words. Take action against Utusan Malaysia first before climbing on your high horse. Otherwise, your words are as empty as your 1Malaysia.

Anakpulau: Najib's warning is a farce and not worth a sen if he does not clean up his own backyard where Utusan and Umno's sub-contractor Perkasa are left unpunished, given that these two organisations are the real culprits.

Mohan Ghandi: PM, stop giving these general sermons that bother no one. First, get the main culprits from within the cabinet who are causing all this damage: your DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, your cousin Hishammuddin Hussein, as well as your ex-mentor Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his sidekick, Ibrahim Ali. If you don't have the guts to take action against them, then go fly a kite.

Ksn: That is the problem, dear PM, your generalisation. Speak to the groups who are guilty, be specific and use all the draconian laws ruthlessly against them. Do not beat around the bush. That approach is not good for the country, the people and to you as well.

Speaking to the wind does no credit to the position you occupy. The culprits are laughing at you.

Blogsmith: As can be seen from all the comments, no one believe Najib's nice words. The people are fed up. They want to see action. However, I am afraid if ever there is going to be action, it will be against the wrong people just like the case of the Sin Chew reporter who was detained under ISA.

Aniyan: Dear PM, what unity you are talking about where there are thousands of civil servants under you who are not sincere about your 1Malaysia concept? I just watched a live hockey junior match at Dunedin, New Zealand and believe it or not, Malaysia was represented by 100 percent Malay team.

Don't tell me there is not even a single Indian or Chinese teenager in Malaysia who can play hockey. The person who did the selection must either be blind or plain racist. How to achieve 1Malaysia when there are many people like this around in our beloved nation?

Anonymous_4031: Najib, no amount of warnings will help when you ignore the various racial overtones spewed out by racists in schools and in the civil service and also the news media. Your loud pronouncements at the UN Assembly and Oxford University meant nothing: you have failed to arrest the racists in our midst. Turning a blind eye only emboldens those racists.

2cts worth: PM, you have neither the gumption nor the strength of character to confront the very people who sow hatred and anger racially and religiously. You are 'lembek' or as the Cantonese would put it, 'tow foo fah', or as the Oxfordians would say, 'putty', to those spewing poison.

Those very people are at your doorstep. But it does not take much brainwork to know why your hands are tied.

Christian state: Cops awaiting more witnesses

Ruben: Why does it take the police so long to investigate the case? The Christian state conspiracy was allegedly committed at a meeting in Penang and the people who attended the meeting have all been identified. It is not that the police are looking for suspects or sending videotapes overseas for verification or getting forensic experts to finish their reports, etc.

It is simple. They have no case. So much of their energy has been put into unnecessary investigations like this one, when there is an acid splasher on the loose and when street crimes are getting worse.

Samuel Ng: What Penang chief police officer Ayub Yaakob is hinting is that "there is no evidence to substantiate Utusan Malaysia's allegation". How many more witnesses do the police need to interview hoping to find some "evidence" to give some support to the allegation. Arrest them for sedition and false incrimination now.

Fear God Not Man: What are the police waiting for? To create a scene, so as to accuse the Christians? Go and catch those who accuse the Christians falsely. Christians are peace-lovers. They don't want to fight you and waste more taxpayers' money in an unnecessary court case.

A real case, you don't do your job. What are you good for? BN/Umno, what is your next move? The devils help you in your wicked plan, but the pot has no cover. Sooner or later, the truth will leak out.

Paul Warren: At the end of the day, it will be just NFA (no further action), just like the two Muslim champions from the Al-Islam magazine who desecrated the holy communion.

Blogger Bigdog and his friends must be laughing that they can cook up a storm and endanger an entire community and get away with it, with police protection even.

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