Tuesday 14 June 2011

Electoral rolls 'dirtiest ever', says Azmin

PKR poured vitriol over the Election Commission (EC), claiming that they are in cahoots with the ruling party to supply Pakatan Rakyat with faulty electoral rolls.

Charging that the latest electoral rolls are the dirtiest he has ever seen in his political career, party deputy president and Gombak MP Azmin Ali said the EC is clearly practising double standards.

NONEIn a press conference in the party headquarters in Petaling Jaya this morning, Azmin said the electoral rolls sold to PKR had incomplete addresses, showing only the house number without the block number and road name.

"I have friends in Umno too, and they have showed me their electoral rolls which came complete with the full address and even the phone number.

"But when I met the EC secretary Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria, he said that it was new policy not to give out the full address of the voters," said Azmin, adding that checks with other senior EC officers show that they were instructed to stop Pakatan Rakyat from engaging with voters.

He said 90 percent of the latest gazetted electoral rolls for the entire country, which PKR purchased for RM48,000, came with incomplete addresses.

"I don't even know why EC has become an enterprise to sell electoral rolls when it is their responsibility to it with transparently and without fraud. It should be given free to political parties...This shows that they are only more interested in business," he said.

Disappointed with dirty politics
"Although we can afford to pay RM48,000 for the electoral rolls, we are certainly not happy that the rolls are not clean and there are elements of fraud. Why is it that when voters register by filling in a form complete with their details, the information tapered down the Pakatan is dirty," said Azmin.

The complete electoral roll is usually crucial to political parties, especially during elections, not only for house-to-house campaigning purposes but also to crosscheck for 'phantom voters'.

There have been instances of registered voters above 100 years of age still in the electoral rolls, as well as many voters registered to a single address.
In an real-life example, Azmin said there are eight voters - four Chinese and four Indians - registered to his mother's house in the traditional Malay community of Kampung Klang Gate Baru, when in actuality, she lives alone.

"In Kampung Klang Gate Baru, it's a very traditional village in Gombak, so there are no tall buildings around. And yet in the electoral rolls, I can find people's addresses on the 18th floor and so on, and there are probably 200 such cases in that area alone," he said.

"The Election Commission is clearly been used by Umno and BN to carry out elections that are dirty and unfair," he said

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