Tuesday 28 June 2011

Cops quiz opposition MPs in Parliament over Bersih

June 28, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, June 28 — The police extended their Bersih dragnet to Parliament today, appearing unexpectedly at the building’s lobby this morning to record statements from at least two opposition MPs.
PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, who was spotted speaking to one officer at the MP’s lounge here at about 11.30am, told reporters that he was questioned over the contents of his speech during a ceramah at Sabak Bernam on June 17.

The Gombak MP said he believed he was being questioned for allegedly inviting the crowd to attend the July 9 rally organised by election watchdog Bersih 2.0.

“It is quite clear that the questions were based on my speech in Sabak Bernam where I was alleged to have invited the public to participate in Bersih,” he said.
Azmin (picture) also claimed that the police officer had turned up without giving him any prior notice.

“I received a call yesterday afternoon and we agreed to reschedule a meeting to record my statement. But suddenly he turned up here and texted me so I came out of the House to speak to him,” he said.
Azmin, however, said that in the 30-minute session he had refused to answer the police officer’s questions, exercising his right under section 112(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

He added that the officer, an assistant superintendent from the Selangor police contingent headquarters, had also failed to serve him a notice under section 111 of the CPC, formally informing him that he was to be questioned.

“I asked where was the 111 notice because they are first supposed to serve that notice. I chose not to answer any question... I said do not waste your time.” he said.

Azmin also said he was unable to recall if he had invited the crowd at the June 17 ceramah to participate in the rally but admitted that he had spoken on the topic.

“I have to look at the CD or the tape but certainly I explained to the crowd what needs to be done, that we want a free and fair election... and I gave enough evidence to show that the election process in Malaysia is not fair.

“So we need to address this issue to create the awareness in public. That is the reason why we must have this peaceful rally to call for free and fair elections... that’s it,” he said.

Approached by reporters later, Jerai MP Mohd Firdaus Jaafar of PAS said he had also been questioned at the Parliament lobby at about 10 this morning.

“It was also about Bersih... I spoke about it during two ceramahs — one in Kuala Selangor and one in Sungai Besar. But all I said was that PAS approved a motion in support of Bersih during our muktamar,” he said.
Mohd Firdaus said he had invited the police to Parliament to record his statement.

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