Saturday 4 June 2011

Club to coach wives on being good in bed

This is UMNO, wives are sex slaves to their husbands - 1Christians

The newly-launched Obedient Wives Club was formed to keep husbands from straying away from their wives and to even help coach wives on how to sexually satisfy their husbands.

NONEIts vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamad (left), said that for a man to be faithfully married to his wife, she must “be good in bed”.

“If the wives need our help we can train them on sexually satisfying positions. It is important to be a good sexual worker so that the husbands do not go to prostitutes,” said Rohaya, who has served with the Health Ministry for 15 years and written speeches for former ministers Dr Chua Soi Lek and Chua Jui Meng.

“We are an open organisation and will allow all races to come forward and seek our help to be obedient to their husbands. The club's slogan is 'Remain a virgin spiritually, mentally and physically'.”

NONEThe event was officially launched by Selayang Umno deputy chief Mohamed Nasir Ibrahim (right) at a golf club in Templer's Park this morning.

He called on about 1,000 people present, including 10 newly-wed couples, to be loyal to each other and continue to nourish a long and lasting marriage relationship.

“I welcome the setting up of the Obedient Wives Club which will help and counsel families to stay together,” said Mohamed Nasir.

Rohaya said that the international edition of the club was launched on May 1 in Amman, Jordan and they have about 200 members from Syria, Egypt and Jordan. In Malaysia, the membership totaled about 1,000.
'A good sex worker to her husband'

“A wife who obeys and fulfills her husband's sexual needs will always be loyal to her. In this rapidly developing world, women are already being treated as sex objects... in magazines, on TV... so why can't they be sex objects to their husbands?
NONE"It is legal and permitted by God. A good wife is a good sex worker to her husband. What is wrong with being a whore in bed to your husband?” added Rohaya.

She said that tomorrow, she and some of her members will leave for Rome, London, Frankfurt, Paris and other cities for business and to also explore the possibility of setting up more Obedient Wives Clubs in these cities.

More than a year ago Rohaya was the prime mover of a Polygamy Club whose leader was the late Ustaz Ashaari Mohammad of the former Al-Arqam.

NONEShe said that the club was formed in line with the Prophet's teachings that the wife performs her daily prayers, fasts during Ramadhan, maintains her chastity properly and be obedient to the husband.

“Women must understand that men and women are created differently and men have more sexual needs, and it is for this reason that men can have four wives according Islam,” said Rohaya, a third wife with eight children.

“All problems start at home, and wives must take charge of looking after their husbands and children well,” she added.

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