Monday 2 May 2011

SUPP slammed for scrapping Borneo Cultural Festival

Ang Ngan Toh
May 1, 2011
The Sarawak DAP has slammed the Sibu leaders of the Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) for scrapping the Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF), 10 years after its debut.

anwar ibrahim function in miri - wong ho leng speaking"Just because the Sibu people are not supporting the BN candidates in Sibu, they scrapped the BCF," Sarawak DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng (right) said in Kuching today.

"In that sense, the BN leaders in Sibu are totally irresponsible, incompetent and inefficient, as well as sore losers.

"Tiong Thai King should resign as Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman and member of Parliament for Lanang."

Tiong announced the scrapping of the BCF last Thursday.

"Instead of examining themselves why they lost in Pelawan, Bukit Assek and Dudong, they take revenge on the people who supported the DAP candidates," continued Wong, who retained his Bukit Assek seat.

He said these SUPP and BN leaders should resign from their party posts as they do not have the support of the people.

He also questioned SUPP's sincerity in scrapping the BCF.

rainforest world music festival 200707 dancing on stage"Why only Sibu? What about Kuching where the people are not supporting the BN? In Kuching, we have the Rainforest World Music Festival and the Kuching Festival.

"They are not scrapping these festivals in Kuching, why? In other words, they are looking at Sibu people as if they are stupid. Let me assure the SUPP leaders that Sibu people are not stupid, neither are the people supporting the PR candidates in the last elections."

He said the government of the day and the opposition must take the election results as they come.

"You cannot say where the Opposition wins, you scrap all projects," he said.
He was referring to Tiong's statement that since the majority of the people of Sibu did not vote for the BN candidates in Pelawan, Dudong and Bukit Assek in the recent state election, the Sibu Municipal Council had no choice but to scrap the festival.

Tiong lost in Dudong to the DAP's Yap Hoi Liong.
Bad example
Wong blamed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as a bad example for SUPP and BN.

"He was saying that either the Chinese elect the MCA or there will be no more Chinese representation in the Federal Cabinet," adding that it was rubbish to threaten the people in that manner.

"Why did he only single MCA, not Gerakan? What about SUPP? But that is not important.

najib tun razak may 2011"The important message I want to deliver is that the prime minister should be the first person to lead by example by saying that in a democratic process, they are going to respect the decision of the people, instead of making such threats.
"On that basis, Najib (left) should resign, not just Tiong resigning as SMC chairman," he said, noting that the prime minister had come up with irresponsible statements like "you help me, I help you" during the campaign for the Sibu parliamentary by-election last year.
Wong said Najib had yet to keep his pre-election promises with regard to Sibu.

He added he will be writing to the SMC for the DAP to take over the organisers of the annual event.

"We want to propose that we take over as the organisers since SMC is unable to do it."

He said he would also ask the SMC to allow the DAP to use the same venues for the BCF events.

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