Saturday 7 May 2011

A response to ‘Making Christianity the official religion’ — Organisers of the Unashamedly Ethical Conference, Penang

May 07, 2011
MAY 7 — The Christian community in Penang is disturbed by unwarranted and unsupported claims and allegations as contained in the write-up “Making Christianity the official religion” in the blog “The Thirteen Million plus Ringgit Guy Ramble ….”

While it is true that several Christians and pastors gathered together at a hotel in Macalister Road for dinner, the gathering was never with the intention to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia nor was it with a vow to have a Christian prime minister.

The dinner was held to honour several pastors from Sarawak who were in Penang for the Unashamedly Ethical marketplace conference held this morning. Such fellowship dinners are common amongst Christians and are part and parcel of the Christian custom of love and fellowship.

The organiser of the Unashamedly Ethical marketplace conference is also perturbed by the claims in the blog that a special convention in the morning and a special meeting to be held this evening in Khaw Sim Bee Road, George Town, was to ponder over having a Christian brother as the prime minister of Malaysia.

The organiser vehemently denies such a claim as being unfounded and totally untrue, aimed at creating division and social disharmony in the multi-ethnic society of Malaysia and appears to be seditious. The so-called special convention this morning was in fact an Unashamedly Ethical marketplace seminar organised to discuss and address the issue of bribery and corruption in the marketplace and the Christians’ contribution in addressing such issues. It has nothing to do with political succession.

The Christian scripture has always affirmed the teaching and practice to honour and pray for the ruling authorities. This is demonstrated in the custom in Penang where pastors have consistently prayed for the leaders of the state in public meetings, irrespective of who they are or which party they represent.
The question of whether who will become the ruling government and the prime minister must be left to the democratic processes and by the will of God.

The organisers therefore call on all ethnic and religious communities to reject unfounded claims and negative assertion and stand together in upholding love, charity, compassion, righteousness and mutual respect as well as to contribute positively towards the development in the state of Penang and the nation as a whole.

* The Unashamedly Ethical Conference was held in Penang from May 5 to 6, 2011 and jointly organised by the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF), Global Day of Prayer, Marketplace Penang and Penang Pastors Fellowship.

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