Thursday 5 May 2011

Out with the corrupt and immoral — Ali Kadir

MAY 5 — The Umno-friendly media is doing its best to persuade PAS to leave Pakatan Rakyat, arguing that it cannot remain in a coalition led by an “immoral leader”.

Okay. Maybe not the smartest argument from the mainstream media but then, these are the brilliant journalists whose spineless reporting has placed Malaysia on number 143 of the world free press index. Another reason why we should boycott all the local newspapers and “news” offerings by television stations.

I digress, let’s get back to the main argument of Utusan Malaysia and friends that PAS should leave Pakatan Rakyat because Anwar Ibrahim is the man in the video and therefore an immoral man. Okay, let’s accept that premise.

But should be just stop at one person since we are doing our national duty of weeding out immoral leaders. And should we just focus on one political party. How about we also talk about:

• a national leader who got caught with his pants down with an actress/singer in Port Dickson.

• a top Umno leader who was involved in several shady land deals while he was a top state leader in Johor.
  He was even named in a court case where foreigners accused him and others of swindling them.

• a leader in MCA who also starred in a porn video but was left unmolested by the police. He continues to
  lead his party and admonishes the Chinese community for deserting his party.

• a leader in MIC who swindled thousands of Indians out of their investments in Maika.

• the Umno ministers who help their Chinese businessmen nominees to get fabulously inflated government
  contracts and concessions at the expense of the rakyat.

• the Umno ministers and politicians who fly to Thailand and China on sex junkets and who, on returning,
  lecture about family values.

• the Umno politician who had to be dragged to court for getting into a second marriage without following the
  proper procedure. I suppose we should not single him out because the Chief Justice also did something
  similar when he was a top lawyer.

• the Umno minister who guzzles down alcohol nearly every night in pubs around town and has gone through
  three marriages and countless girlfriends.

• an Umno supreme council member who had sex with an underage girl. He was not jailed or charged and is
  free as a bird.

So how about it, Malaysians. Let’s take the cue from the mainstream media and throw out immoral leaders from all political parties.

Let’s not just focus on the opposition. Note: I wonder if PAS will want to climb into bed with Umno, warts and all.

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