Wednesday 4 May 2011

A Malaysian Chinese response to BN's threat by JoanneNreuben

Malaysiakini reported on April 30 that Najib said (with regards to the Chinese community supporting the opposition):

"They have to choose. If they want the opposition, they must sacrifice the party in government. If they want a bigger say to serve their interests, they have to support a Barisan Nasional component party," he told reporters after opening Pangsapuri Rakyat on Duyong island in Kuala Terengganu.

This is such a disappointing statement coming from the prime minister who supposedly came up with the 1Malaysia concept. I would expect such a statement to come from an uneducated, immature and racist person but certainly not from Najib.

A mature and wise government will choose their ministers and leaders based on their capabilities and their character. They should not select their leaders based on their race, or religion.

A truly 1Malaysia Government would have ministers and leaders who will look out for the interests of all race regardless of their background, race or religion!

If the leader in the BN government truly practises looking out for the interest of all races regardless of their own background, then it really does not matter how many Chinese, Indian, or Malay are in ministerial positions, right?

Sadly it is clear (through Najib's own statement) that that he does not understand his own 1Malaysia concept. It is actually not that surprising!

Any Malaysian worth his salt knows that most BN leaders do not have the capability or mentality to take care of anybody else apart from their own kind! (not necessarily their own race either). But why must Chinese only take care of Chinese or Malays takes care of Malays and Indians takes care of Indians only??

Is this the true 1 Malaysia way??

Speaking as a Malaysian Chinese, I'd rather have a good God-fearing Malay to represent my interests than to have a crooked MCA or SUPP Chinese representing me! 

I am sure that any honest Malaysian Malay would also rather have a God-fearing sincere Chinese to represent them than to have a greedy Umnoputra representative to look out for their needs! What is important is to have qualified, capable, honest and sincere hearted leaders in the Cabinet and not be bothered by their race, religion or colour of his skin!

Unfortunately most Malaysian knows that this is not BN's mentality or practice. We all know that certain government positions are reserved exclusively to certain political parties only! These people are appointed to their position because of their race and political party and not because of their performances, credentials or capabilities. And this has made the KPIs initiated by Najib a real big joke!

To prove this point, you only need to ask, has anyone outside Umno been appointed as deputy prime minister, finance minister, home minister, defence minister or even education minister in the last 30 years? Is BN telling us that there were no leaders from all the other BN component parties (outside Umno) capable of taking up these positions in the last 30 years? Of course this is not true.

Most Malaysians know that BN choose their leaders based on their raced and political affiliation. It is a pity because that means that even if there is a brilliant Malaysian Indian economist in MIC, that guy would never be considered for the finance minister's post just because he was not from Umno! So much for the 1 Malaysia concept!

Sadly this unhealthy culture has been passed down to the government officers and government servants as well. These have been one of the main contributing factors to the country's brain drain! I am sure most of us can sympathise with a person's frustration when they see their colleagues who are less capable, less competent and less hard-working than them, getting a promotion to become their boss just because he/she is from a particular race or political party.

Thus it is not surprising that most Malaysians don't get the 1Malaysia concept. Maybe Najib and gang should learn and practise their own 1Malaysia concept first before trying to teach it to the rest of Malaysia.
Najib's statement came out in response to MCA President's (Chua Soi Lek) recent statement who stressed that if MCA was unable to gain support from the Chinese community, then the party will reject any federal, state and local government posts.

Firstly he is simply quite arrogant to assume that MCA is the sole representative of the Chinese community!
Secondly he assumes that the Chinese community will want Chinese representative in the government just for the sake of having a Chinese representative. The Chinese community in Malaysia is mature enough to vote in capable, honest, God-fearing leaders who are qualified instead of voting in a Chinese rep base solely on his race!

Someone should teach MCA to win their own election based on their own merits instead of hoping on Umno for a free ride! Instead of just threatening the Chinese community with lack of representation, Najib and MCA should find out the real issues why the Chinese community are staying away from BN leaders and how they can work to win their confidence again! MCA should work for their votes instead of issuing empty threats that don't work well with the younger Chinese generation!

In any case it make no difference to the Chinese community anymore if MCA has any representative in the government as the Chinese community have already given up on any real representation by the voiceless, powerless, rubber-stamping puppets from MCA!

Finally most Malaysian do not believe for a second that MCA would reject all ministerial, federal, state and local government position even if they lost all their seats because they cannot afford to lose their only strategic strength (money and power) in politics. Most Malaysians know that MCA will not have the strength and character to reject the posts as they will be too greedy to reject the government's offer. Thus all Malaysian Chinese must call Najib's and Chua Soi Lek's bluff and see if they will really do what they say in the next general election!

I am not a betting man but on this I will bet that they will carry out these empty threats!

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