Tuesday 24 May 2011

The Malay nuisance — Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

MAY 24 — After 54 years of independence, the insecurities faced by the Malay community is no longer a dilemma but becoming more like a nuisance, hampering the country’s growth and well-being.

It is utterly irresponsible for middle class Malays to continue harping about self righteous Malay or “Muslim” agenda while the poor are still struggling with bread and butter issues like unemployment and proper education.

Having graduated from a local Islamic university, I am well aware of the conspiracy theories that continue to bog down the Malay psyche with self defeatist mentality.

The vicious cycle of hate and animosity will not benefit anyone and certainly not the Malays. It saddens me when prophecies of hate are being professed by so called “intellectuals” of the community.

What is even more sickening is their answer to an intellectual discourse of blaming others instead of trying to find real solutions that will solve real problems.

Despite being a majority in the country, why are we still obsessed with this siege mentality?

Our country did not gain independence yesterday. We should not be questioning the patriotism or rights of our fellow Malaysians but question what our “Malay” government has done to help elevate the dire economic situation of the poor?

Why blame the Chinese or Indians when the leaders of our country have always been a Malay? What has “ketuanan melayu” or the Malay agenda brought to the villages or urban villages after Merdeka?

Yes, the government has brought us development but that is our right as citizens of the country. That is the right of every community in the country, not the Malays alone.

Why talk about hudud or implementing syariah law when we cannot fulfill the basic tenant of Islamic jurisprudence which is justice.

Why cut the hand of a man that steals bread when leaders continue to swindle our riches? Is the objective of Islamic law to only punish? I think not. Islam is not a about grand mosques or prayer rooms but the people.
Where were the so called Muslim or Malay NGOs when the Lynas plant was announced or more recently the landslide that killed so many innocent children?

The call for an Islamic state is a luxury when the poor continue to beg for mercy. We should stop questioning other races but start questioning ourselves and what have we contributed the country.

* Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani is a reporter with The Malaysian Insider.

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