Saturday 28 May 2011

A Letter to BN — (Make sure your youth is really a youth)

MAY 28 — Dear Barisan Nasional,

In last general election March, 2008, it has been proven that Barisan Nasional no longer has the influence in voicing out the concerns of the youth in our country.

Barisan Nasional has almost completely lost out in the battle of the votes from the youth in our country. We can see that BN tried to organise many programmes but why still are they not acceptable by the youth? To me, most of these events are superficial in nature and mostly attended by people who are no longer considered youth.

What really is “youth” (Belia) in the minds of Barisan Nasional leader? But I doubt Barisan Nasional would answer that as their youth leaders and members are those who are no longer “YOUTH” themselves. The age limit of youth in Barisan Nasional is 45 years old......some at that age can even be a grandfather. I doubt these grandfathers really knows what are the problems faced by the youth these days.

In the case of Pakatan Rakyat, PKR has already said that their youth means those 35 years and below. Worse case like DAP would be 40 years old. It is quite obvious why Pakatan Rakyat always has the edge over Barisan Nasional when comes to tackling issues concerning youth, like the recent JPA scholarship fiasco. They know the problem of the youth. 

I’m actually not a member of Barisan Nasional or even Pakatan Rakyat. But as a Malaysian, I would hope that the party now controlling the government would do something to ensure Youth are represented by the Youth. If BN still think that Youth means those 40 yrs plus, then it is better for Barisan Nasional Youth to close shop. We will know what to do in the coming general election.

A Malaysian Youth Voter

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