Monday 9 May 2011

Jokes aside, we Christians come in peace — May Chee Chook Ying

MAY 9 — The media, in whatever form. should not be owned by political parties or those with a vested interest in governance of the nation. Why? Their jokes are not FUNNY!

Malaysians from all walks of life, though professing different faiths, of different creed or colour, generally are fantastic people — rather friendly (ask any tourist), understanding (ask those who have neighbours of a different race), kind (ask anyone!) but there’s this group of people who choose to remain to exist under coconut shells giving us a bad name!

Here we are, trying our best to live the tenets of our constitution, in truth and honour. And like all civilizations, we are just pilgrims on earth, moving towards an ideal — a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children; the future Malaysia. Most of us painfully dig wells to make our deserts fertile and provide drink for our flocks, but now and then, there’s this group of people who maliciously muddy our fountains. Lately, this incident keeps repeating itself in various guises. I say it’s about time we put a stop to this. If we don’t, in the eyes of the world, we will never be able again to come across as a credible people. How can we accept all this stupidity sitting down! How can we look at ourselves in the mirror?

I wasn’t born a Christian. However, being schooled in a mission school, brought me to Christ. Even as a little girl, I prayed to be gifted with a conscience — an ability to make a moral judgement. By conscience, we reason to what we ought to do. For a Christian, it is a “consciousness of God’s will for me”.

It is said that the size of the world depends on our conscience. Two men can look at the “lily in the field”. One sees just the stem and the petals while the second man sees all these and beyond — the Providence of the Father who clothes it more magnificently than Solomon in all his regalia. The latter’s Christian conscience teaches him to see the whole stage, that as a Christian, he cannot live his faith in isolation. That he has to love his neighbour as himself.

We Christians do not look at the world through a microscope. If we do that, we begin to fall prey to childish fears and unnecessary anxieties. We profess a God who loves us, cares for us and speaks to us from the depths of our hearts. As Christians, our conscience is informed with charitable attitudes, which include respecting people whose conscience is in error.

As Christians, we learn that, in order to restore justice, we do not condemn others but to love them, for we profess a “God Is Who Is”, a “God Who Is Love” and a “God Who Is Goodness”. Our commandments are summarised in love. Our faith is measured by the love we have for others. Love, not contempt!

If leaders of the church get together with the leaders of the community, I can only think that they will talk about good, fair and transparent practices. They would be talking about how to restore the human dignity of all the Lazarus people in our society, about seeing to the needs of the marginalized and oppressed, about good governance for all.

As Christians, we profess a God of all humanity. That itself tells you that we cannot go around besieging our neighbours for they are our brothers and sisters! How on earth can we even begin to think that when the religious and others get together, they want to hijack the constitution? Just because a few wear blinkers, the rest of us don’t!

So, please, to the majority of Malaysians, don’t be silent and allow these morons to hijack our sanctity as a peace-loving people. Hey, we are Malaysians, not morons! I have faith in “You”!

Last but not least, I speak on behalf of all Christians to all Malaysians, when I say this: “Shalom, we are your brothers and sisters and we bring you glad tidings.”

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