Saturday 14 May 2011

Christian conspiracy: Special branch link suspected

Aidila Razak
May 14, 11

DAP-Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi suspects possible coercion of the DAP member, who filed a police report on the alleged 'Christian conspiracy' yesterday just after the ministry had said there was "some basis" to the allegations.

jeff ooi on utusan mohamed razali report 140511 03Speaking to reporters in Kuala Lumpur today, Ooi (photo, second from left) said they believe that the man, DAP Bukit Tumba branch committee member Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman, may have been convinced to do so by his relative who is a Special Branch police officer who monitors political activities in the Jelutong area.

"We were told Mohamed Razali and this officer are relatives, and that it was this officer who was instrumental in helping Utusan Malaysia get the story. I hope the police can start to look into this angle and make a fair and just investigation into the case.

"We don't know (Mohamed Razali's) motive or intention for filing his police report some five days after we filed our police report denying the allegations made in Utusan," he said.

jeff ooi on utusan mohamed razali report 140511 newsclipOoi added that Mohamed Razali had accompanied Ooi when the MP lodged his police report on May 8, showing a press photograph of the two together at the station (right).
The MP further claimed that his police report denying the allegations was at Mohamed Razali's suggestion.
Yesterday, police confirmed that they received a report regarding the incident that they said gave a "different" account of the events. Both Mohamad Razali and the authorities have, however, refused to reveal the report's contents.

"The (news coverage) in Utusan and TV3 (on Mohamed Razali's report) were short of details. Both mentioned that (he) was at the scene where the dinner organised by the Christian community was held, and he said, 'I know what actually took place.' He is hiding behind a police report.

NONE"We'll be truly glad if Mohamed Razali were to repeat what he said in the police report so that if it threatens the DAP's position, and the position of the Christian community, perhaps we can seek legal redress," he said.

Utusan on May 7 ran a front-page story quoting two pro-Umno bloggers, claiming that Christian religious leaders are plotting to make Christianity the religion of the federation and appoint a Christian prime minister.
DAP and implicated pastors have vehemently denied the allegations.
Relations with Razali 'good'

Ooi said he last spoke to Mohamed Razali on May 8, and that the two had good relations when the latter joined DAP in 2008 after having left Penang Umno.

The MP said that he has tried to contacted the man whom he described as a "loyal DAP member" but to no avail.

"Mohamed Razali has helped us in many by-elections and campaigned for us in Miri for the Sarawak election," said Ooi.

utusan malaysia kritsian agama rasmiHe added that DAP will reserve any action against Mohamed Razali until they know the content of his police report.

"We are challenging him to reveal it within 24 hours... but if he doesn't it is between him and God," adding that Mohamed Razali's actions has put the country "under this cloud for much longer".

He noted that Utusan Malaysia and the two Umno bloggers it quoted, Zakhir Mohamad and Shamsul Yunus, have failed to issue an apology for their reports.

But the fact that Shamsul Yunus has removed all his blog postings on the matter, Ooi said, is an admission of guilt.

DAP legal advisor Gobind Singh Deo said that the party will soon decide if it will take legal action against the daily and the two bloggers.

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