Wednesday 27 April 2011

Report on 100 longhouse folks demanding promised election money damaging, said SUPP bumi members

Apr 26, 11 5:35pm

Bumiputra members of the Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP), Sibu branch, are very upset over a news portal report today which alleged that they had demanded “promised election money”.

Malaysiakini had reported earlier today that about 100 longhouse folk from the Bawang Assan state constituency had gathered at the SUPP branch office in Sibu to demand “election money” which they had been allegedly promised.

NONEChairman of the Bumiputera unit, Andrew Shiling (right), told reporters in Sibu today that about 18 longhouse chiefs and their respective longhouse committee members had come to the office for a discussion.

“We also took the opportunity to pay them wages as they had worked for us during the election.

Andrew, who is also a vice-chairman of the branch, said it was nothing new for longhouse chiefs and ordinary folk from Bawang Assan to come to its office daily to seek all kinds of assistance.

“It is very sad and damaging that each time we support the Barisan Nasional candidate in any election, we are accused by the opposition and others of being easily bought over.

supp alleged money politic statement by voters“They seem to always want to deny us the freedom to choose and support our preferred candidate,” he lamented.

Andrew said that in the just-concluded state election, they had supported Bawang Assan incumbent Wong Soon Koh because he had always delivered.

“Although the DAP has claimed increased bumiputra support for its candidates, in Bawang Assan, for example, about 82 percent of the Ibans and Melanaus supported Wong this time compared with 80 percent in the 2006 state election,” he said.

When told that state DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng planned to lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in Sibu tomorrow afternoon over the claim, Andrew said he was free to do so.

- Bernama

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