YOURSAY ‘I think this rape case exemplifies the hardening of deviant behaviour after years of inaction on poor discipline in the police force.'

Three cops charged with 'gang rape'

your sayOnyourtoes: I will not accept this case, if it ever goes on trial, as another bad apple in the cart. Where did the police officers concerned find the boldness to allegedly do such a heinous thing in the police station?

Have they had no fear of their victims reporting the incident? Have they had no fear that they will be found out? Have they had no fear of the consequence that they have to face?

I believe this boldness did not come from nothing. I think it is not a spur of the moment thing. I think it is calculated and planned.

I think this case exemplifies the hardening of deviant behaviour after years of inaction on poor discipline in the police force. I believe any police force with a minimum level of decency will not do such a thing in the police station.

The setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) is now more urgent than ever, and it is not for the police to decide.

James1067: There were 30 ‘supporters' in court and that too from the police fraternity. What has become of our police force?

The poor innocent Indonesian maid was allegedly gang raped and has gone through a nightmare and here we have ‘supporters' showing up in court. That also from the people who are supposed to protect the helpless.

Whatsup: No shame at all for those who were in court to show ‘support' for these three alleged rapists. It was totally wrong knowing how heinous rape is, worst of all, it was allegedly committed by police officers and in the very place where people should seek help or protection.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for sure based on loads of anecdote evidence, if the government care to investigate, assuming it is not in the know already.

As long as PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) allow the powers-that-be to use them as personal thugs to harass and intimidate the public and opposition, against all common sense and the law, such crimes by their members will never cease.

Enough is enough, IGP (inspector-general of police) and home minister should bear full responsibility and step down.
Righteous officers, it's time to right the wrongs. Follow your conscience and religious teachings - there's no way evil can win unless you allow them.

Bystander: Frankly, there are many such cases and this particular case that was reported is one of those at the tip of the iceberg.

It is a fact that most foreigners, especially those illegals who were caught overstaying like the many ‘China dolls', would very often have to settle the matter via cash or sex.

How could the higher ranking officers not be aware of it? Remember the case of an Indonesian woman who was forced to have oral sex with some police officers while in custody a few years back?

I can't imagine those animals could do such things and more so in the police station itself. How can we trust our PDRM?

Anonymous_40c8: If found guilty, these three who are supposed to be keepers of the laws but instead law breakers, should be punished twice as severely.

If normal people break this law and are sentenced to 10 years' jail, these three bad cops should serve 20 years. If it is a death sentence, then they should be hanged twice - that is, after the first hanging, they should be hanged once more!

Wira: In olden days in China, it was written in the imperial law books that those who were entrusted to uphold the law but broke it themselves should receive a heavier penalty.

Babylon: Shouldn't the Syariah Court also be charging these police officers for khalwat or illicit sex by force. They deserve the severest of punishment. How this case is handled could well decide my voting preference.

Nes: This is more than just the three police officers and not an isolated case of indiscipline in the force by a mile.

The fish rots from the head. The trial and, perhaps, conviction of the police officers will only treat the symptom not the cause. Indeed, the home minister should be on trial.

Tancc: This is the shameful problem with Umno's justice system. When under pressure from a foreign country, the Umno justice system works fast. Remember the Squatgate - a suspected Chinese woman was forced to do naked squat and the video was leaked?

Under China's pressure then PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had to send a minister to Beijing to apologise and a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) was formed to investigate the case, which later found out it was a local Malay woman instead.
Now under pressure from Indonesia, the alleged rapists were speedily charged. If it were a local girl gang raped by the police, nothing will come out of it.

Anonymous_3ec6: Police officers hunting for foreigners with the threat of taking them to the police station and extorting money from them is common. There is no professionalism in the force. It's a disgrace to the nation.

DontPlayGod: Well, deaths have occurred in police stations, so what is rape? The police officers thought that they can get away with it, just like in the other hundreds of cases.

Lionking: When Pakatan Rakyat comes into Putrajaya, they must increase the salaries of the cops. Without proper benefits and salaries, the situation will not improve.

By the way, we do have a sizeable amount of crime committed by foreigners and this is quite obviously due to the lack of proper screening of foreigners and the apathetic attitude of our Malaysian officials.

RAW: Is the hiding of their faces a reflection of their guilt? Or is it because of any dubious reason which we do not know?

The alleged rapists must be given a fair trial, but in the interest of the public, photos showing their faces should be published since they have been formally charged with their names revealed.

Yap CS: I thought all lock-ups are suppose to be equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV)? Are they 'not working' again?